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He no ya ma tey ray. “There are many lands and many people, many star races that are here from a plethora of other galaxies of light. In the beginning of this game of life on earth, we began with 32 master light races comprising 32 master codes embedded in the human consciousness, what we know call DNA.

Since that time the inter-dimensional planes have separated out into 144 different realms of light. These various realms are divided by such names as human, angel, ascended master and have been given names that help us to understand the differences in frequencies among the levels and layers of consciousness.

Some even talk about ascending from the third dimension to the fifth dimensional realm of light. To my understanding these dimensions have always coexisted for eons. It’s like saying that there is dirt but no sky. Very early on I was told that the highest dimensional realm that governs this earthen plane is the 27th realm, which is where the masters with all those familiar names reside. In the year 2000, the name I was given at the time that spoke to me about the various realms and took me on off planet adventures was the White Brotherhood (as in their auras are all white there). They are Masters because they have had many incarnations as human and have transcended the belief in separation, and have therefore ascended.

Like a clear prism reflecting out in all directions, the evolution of humanity has been evolving through these 144 realms of light, and like time traveling backward, the human consciousness has evolved to the point that we are more open to accept that life is truly beyond the five senses, and that there is far more of a reality base than we can ever imagine, and most importantly, we are so very loved beyond any human concept of God. The merging in oneness is magnificent even if only experienced for a nano-second before the mind pulls us back into 3D.

The ascended masters have told us, and continue to tell us, that we will experience this knowing and feeling of oneness, and so much more. It will become a way of life. I have come to call this state of being sustainable oneness.

We are nearly there. As a quickening of light forms the foundation for the turning point for the whole of humanity, many of us are feeling this elevated high more now than ever before. but it’s not just a high, it’s a complete paradigm shift at our very doorstep.

How it is different than where we began?

In the beginning the master races were treated as Gods, supernatural beings, that were to be prayed to and obeyed without question. In today’s world, the races have evolved into an integrated whole. As we feel drawn into a personal quickening of consciousness, we’re experiencing the lightness of being within us. Our human DNA stays steady while the Light Codes activate our higher awareness, and this is not just awareness but physical too.

In the human energy system, it’s the emotional and physical body that takes the hit. If you are clear and allow your emotions to do what they are designed to do (cry, get angry, sad, fearful, laugh, delight and weep with gratitude) then you are moving through the activation sequences with ease and grace.

While our human DNA has us believing that we will go to heaven and return to this world, Light beings have an entirely different path through the light tunnels leading out of this dimensional world into the time tunnels that lead us home. The timing and sequencing is different. We don’t have to wait until we experience a physical death, we can go and return at will.

Why is this important to know now, right now?

Because the consciousness within you is awakening you to your true nature and the light codes, those master codes that activate within you are opening you up to recognize the illusionary realities of this world. Any belief or imaginary box you may have been brought to believe is real is now disintegrating before your very eyes.

If you have believed that you would be taken care of, always, it’s likely now that your sense of self responsibility is being triggered. If you have felt insecure on some level in relationship, it’s also likely that your most intimate relationships are abuzz with change or challenge. Likewise, if you have been working on safety and security in the context of tribe, then your world is perhaps contracting for the express purpose of inwardly prompting you to expand your horizons. All this is describing expansion in the context of a physical reality based learning container.

What affect does this have on the human energy system and the mind?

Some of us will open and accept the expanded realities of a newly birthed freedom only to fast remember who we truly are. There is no anger here. Only bliss. Others will not be able or want to expand into a larger cosmological awareness and simply decide to leave the body with the consciousness that brings them comfort, That is evolution too. Others will struggle with the thinning atmosphere and the heady environment. But then at some point, the mind will settle into peace and the higher senses will reboot to accept and embrace the expanded context of reality.

We will have two races (human and star) living side by side for a time until such time as integration of the whole will adapt into a new hybrid of human. We are headed for an evolved super race of human built no longer of carbon but of crystalline, which is matching that of the earth’s evolution.

The earth has a role in this as well as the rotational spin of the earth shifts, incrementally at first, then suddenly, like a jolt. It will be as if one day we wake up and all is different. The memories of loved ones will invoke appreciation and the desire to attune to the rythem of nature, which will be fully integrated into our awareness.

Contrary to all the buzz of 2012 and the ending of cycle, I have seen visions of earth long afterward, and what a magnificent sight it is to behold: Pristine, pure in its atmosphere and sparceley populated, a water world. This is long after my generation, the group of Light Beings here to serve as the bridge for opening the doorway for the incredible infusion of light to pour forth. Those portals are inter-dimensional gateways that serve to uplift us all and to support the children who have incarnated complete with the Andromeda Codes. No need for fear here. They are already aligned and have fuil knowing of why they are here.

As the bridge generation, we are here to anchor both energetic and physical structures (familial, social, governance, and communal) in key locations around the world. The beauty of this is that all we have to do is listen to the leadership of our heart, and follow the bliss. We know that we are in the right place at the right time because our joy of service prompts us to dance and to play at whatever sparks our imagination.

Some might call this visioning an effort to revitalize an entire civilization of humanity. I call it remembering in the truest sense of the word because on some level of awareness we inherently know that all beings every where have an inherent right to be happy.

I have channeled this information through on many occassions. Yet now I am called to put out a clarion call for first 17 of the 32 star races, to come back together as one. This is the time to reset the grid of light that we are as a collective consciousness.

The date for this time of resetting and renewal will be held the weekend of October 4 – 7, in Highlands, North Carolina just 30 minutes of Asheville, and part of our time will be to settle into the energies that guide us as we anchor into the Black Mountains and reset our energies for what flows from 2012 – 2017.

Mark and I have also made a commitment, as we are guided, to teach what has come through during our years of aligning and channeling the frequencies in and sharing them with all of you. We are all equals here just with various roles.

Sending my love and care to you, and yours.

Mark Torgeson
Mark Torgeson

Inspired by a fascination for meaning, quality and beauty in life, specifically nature, this journey is a query into the mysteries of consciousness and music: these have been the focus of my sense of wonderment and magic in life. And so the steppings continue...

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