We provide safe, intimate settings for practicing the fine art of living in the world with the awareness that we are one human family and that all living things are to be respected. The paradigm of oneness consciousness finds us trusting the heart enough to make choice from the knowing that comes from listening to the inner voice. As we learn to trust the heart enough to take action, we naturally cultivate a deeper level of awareness within us, which serves as a catalyst for realizing higher states of well being. The activation of soul-level awareness in oneness is the very essence of transforming the human spirit.

Getting to the Heart of th
e Matter
Spiritual teachers have long recognized the heart as the seat of consciousness, and recently Western science has found evidence to support this realization. The heart has its own central nervous system and is not simply under the command of the brain as formerly believed. The heart is the source of our connection to a consciousness greater than the ego (the mind).

The heart speaks the language of feeling. Feeling is transmitted as vibration—pure-heart feelings such as joy, peace and compassion, etc. This “purity of heart” is the energy current of the soul which can only be accessed through feeling or sensing. Like attracts like. The higher the frequency, the greater the alignment with the soul. As we align with and make choice from the purity that resides in our heart, our resolve to live as a soul having a human experience transforms us.

Modeling Oneness
All offerings are for activating soul-level awareness through the experience of oneness consciousness. The focus of all educational and advocacy activities will be on the practice of entrainment to purity of heart as an effective way to transform individual, group and global consciousness into a more peaceful coalescence. Carol’s facilitated processes and mentoring embraces entrainment for shifting consciousness. Entrainment toward a higher state of consciousness by consciously breaking fear-base patterns is a way to shift humanity’s focus away from fear and violence toward a more peaceful internal reference point. The core delivery is taught in the context of intimate circle groups and retreats. Intimate groups serve as the support and catalyst for strengthening and expanding the awareness of oneness consciousness in peer led and supported vibrational setting that provide all with a sense of safety, security and total acceptance.


  • Deepen trust
  • Open the heart
  • Allow for Compassion
  • Heal the body
  • Transform the emotions
  • Provide practical tools
  • Sharpen Intuition
  • Flow more love into your life
  • Support spiritual growth
  • Shift global consciousness
  • Build sustainable oneness in community
  • Leverage global resources