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The Living Library is designed to keep you abreast of the Current Vibration needed for alignment with the New Earth Frequency. It is a Membership Portal which supplies one with the tools needed to keep on the straight and narrow path of ascension and high vibrational living. In these modules we explore the ways to keep your head up and your morale high despite the trauma, drama and chaos happening around you. Discover the manners in which to sustain joy in the midst of the world turning to dust. Through video, audio and written word keep abreast of the daily developments of this swiftly shifting energetic climate. Experiential and teaching methods are here to cover the bases: whether you are a mental or intuitive learner, you will find plenty of substance here to quench the spiritual thirst for tools and knowledge. Carol and Mark have been working together to create a synergistic system of information, vibrational support and music which will help you maintain balance and centeredness in the midst of turmoil. This is a subscription area billed once monthly on the same day of original purchase.