Carol’s topic this month is Anchoring Light. During this session one experiences the activation of light codes. Gaia in the Andromeda galaxy and the misty blue earth in the Orion system are brought together into the heart of who we are. We are asked to Choose What We Want. And to Choose to Act. Nature and the nature spirits are here to help. We are here to balance ourselves, not the earth or Nature. First Wave of Ascension is upon us. The Rapture will soon follow. We have come from the Andromeda Galaxy. Explosions of light and darkness imploding upon itself. Holding to the field of Compassion.

Mark Torgeson
Mark Torgeson

Inspired by a fascination for meaning, quality and beauty in life, specifically nature, this journey is a query into the mysteries of consciousness and music: these have been the focus of my sense of wonderment and magic in life. And so the steppings continue...

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