The Soul Light Series: Awaken. Align. Amplify



CarolFitzpatrick_092214A200sWe are living in an unprecedented time where radical change is taking place all around us and within us. The flow of love and joyousness abound but how can we see or know what is ours to do when we are so laden with fear? The Soul Light Series explores the path to opening the heart and allowing more love, more grace to flow into your life. It explores the path of service as a way to open to a higher power, the kind of power that makes miracles happen.

Listening to and following the signals of your heart takes great courage and conviction. Strengthening your intuition takes practice in trusting what you feel, sense, see and experience. It’s an inner focus on your direction rather than an outward stance on what others reflect back to you.

Honoring your intuition will help you to:

  • gain new insights for accessing deeper levels of information
  • strengthen your trust in the subtle flow of life force that guides you
  • transform your inner world to begin matching your outer world
  • effectually ask your guides and higher self the questions that propel your forward in your purpose
  • develop a stronger inner voice
"There are those among us who are called to speak truth to the others—to see, to hear, to feel the energy patterns of what is. As we open to receive the very grace of God that we are, we are preparing to discover our very own Self! And so it shall be."



The Series

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