The Soul Light Series: Awaken. Align. Amplify

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Soul-Light200wWelcome to the Soul Light Series. You are in the area of Module 1, Awaken. Please find all the materials you will need to move through the course. Each week, you'll find a worksheet and all recorded audios posted after each session. Ask any question. You'll find me there every Friday afternoon between 2 and 4 answering your questions.

Over the course of eight (8) sessions, you will be invited to dive deep into the heart of who you are. You will come out on the other side more focused, inwardly directed, grounded in your joy and expressing gratitude for all the blessings that have and continue to come your way.



CarolFitzpatrickJan2013wWe are living in an unprecedented time where radical change is taking place all around us and within us. The flow of love and joyousness abound but how can we see or know what is ours to do when we are so laden with fear? The Soul Light Series explores the path to opening the heart and allowing more love, more grace to flow into your life. It explores the path of service as a way to open to a higher power, the kind of power that makes miracles happen.

Listening to and following the signals of your heart takes great courage and conviction. Strengthening your intuition takes practice in trusting what you feel, sense, see and experience. It’s an inner focus on your direction rather than an outward stance on what others reflect back to you.

Honoring your intuition will help you to:

  • gain new insights for accessing deeper levels of information
  • strengthen your trust in the subtle flow of life force that guides you
  • transform your inner world to begin matching your outer world
  • effectually ask your guides and higher self the questions that propel your forward in your purpose
  • develop a stronger inner voice
"There are those among us who are called to speak truth to the others—to see, to hear, to feel the energy patterns of what is. As we open to receive the very grace of God that we are, we are preparing to discover our very own Self! And so it shall be."



The Series

Access the resources for each session here. Check back each week to receive the worksheet associated with the session. If you miss a session, not to worry! Recordings from each session will be posted in the appropriate module 24 hours after the close of the session. Use the Q & A comment section below to ask any question. 

1: How to Strengthen Your Intuition

HeartMap150wTruth. Open your heart and listen to your intuition.

Learning to more readily trust your intuition in all its forms is an essential part of living from the heart. This first session is all about that. Learn the key elements to reading anyone anytime and feeling confident in knowing that you are making the right aligned choice. Discover your innate wisdom by learning how to listen to the inner stillness that guides you.


2. Embrace the Shadow

Fear150wForgiveness. Start from where you are in life and let the rest go.

Somewhere in the midst of all that fear is a gift of transformation. It's a skill to understand and muster the courage to embrace the shadow. These are the areas of our inner world that haunt us, scare us away from stepping into the fullness of who we are. In this session, you'll gain some tools for learning how to identify and let go of the masks and the stories that are created by the mind, which is the source that causes all pain and anguish.


3. The Fine Art of Allowing and the Energy of the New Earth Grid

PeelingBackFear150wAllowing. Live in the moment.

The earth grid of consciousness has shifted and the warrior nature is no longer the prevailing way. The heart pattern is the amplifier, and alignment is the new wave of creation. In this session, we will explore the very nature of allowing. You'll learn when you are pushing and when you are truly allowing. There are clear signals to know how to navigate in this new earth grid, and not only will you learn them but begin to put them into immediate practice in your every day reality.


  • Module 3 Worksheet: Allowing and the New Earth Grid
    Module 3 Worksheet: Allowing and the New Earth Grid

    This worksheet helps you to fine tune your awareness for making conscious choice. It also provides you with key assessment tools for providing you with a feedback loop on your life situations and relationships.

4. Your Passion and What Drives You to Create

RoadtoDreams150wImagination. Dream really big. 

If you are confused about how to transition from here to there, in this session you will learn how to identify not only your passion but how you are being guided to manifest that passionate nature of yours in a life that truly makes your heart sing. And with a healthy dose of gratitude for all the learning that has brought you to this place, you will sing your praises for all the life school lessons that have come your way.

  • Module 4 Worksheet: Your Passion and What Drives You to Create
    Module 4 Worksheet: Your Passion and What Drives You to Create

    This worksheet guides you through the process of identifying your passion and the role of imagination for creating in this world. Tools will help you to see your brilliance through those you admire most and provide you with the navigational tools to realize the greatest expansion possible.

5. The Big Give: The Key to Manifestation

WaterDropColors150wGratitude. Appreciate life in all its glory.

The greatest blessing of all is the transformation that occurs when you learn that your entire life has brought you to this place of honoring. It's your passion, your joy and your deep sense of gratitude that leads the way. In this session, we will explore that as a way of life and how your own special brand of "gifting" is a kind of pay it forward for the next person, the next generation, the next lesson learner.

6. A Deeper Form of Acceptance that Brings Peace

PassionSign150WPassion. Let joy be your guide.

Acceptance of self takes time and patience within the context of how you are living now. It's not easy allowing your light to shine so brightly and not take it personally. But that is the way of the new earth grid. There is to be no holding back. In this session, we will employ all the tools that you have gained up until now and shape them into a stance of empowerment of Self actualizing all that you are and all that you are ready to embrace.


7. The Nature of Grace and How to Cultivate It in Your Life

eye150wTransformation. Give back and receive the blessing

There can only be one word for a life that is lived in the flow of divine love. It's a challenge to stay focused, balanced and harmonized in life. This session is all about that. How to stay fully open as you move forward in your life. It's also a time to consider what no longer serves you. It's shed the outer skin time. This is not let go as much as it is refining and retuning your perspective on what's most important in your life.


8. An Open Free Form Dialog with Q & A

CarolFitzpatrickJan2013wAcceptance. Shine your light and allow grace to be your guide.

This final session puts is all in perspective and brings you the clarity that can only come from speaking from the heart. This final session speaks to accountability and how to sustain the growth in the context of a loving, supportive community. Living the Miracle has come to be called a safe haven for many who are looking to grow in the context of life in the new earth grid kind of way.


Bonus: Integrating the Energies of the New Earth Grid

StarwGrace. Living the Miracle

This bonus session provides you with an energetic remembrance of who you truly are by addressing issues of integration. Once you begin to more fully trust in the higher realms to guide you, it is because you are in that place of trusting in that which guides you. Not only are you grateful for that has occurred in your life, but you have surrendered to a higher power and know, consciously now, that are literally being held by the divine as you live through your life experiences. It's a completely different way of being in the world, and you are aware of the magic that occurs when you are truly listening and living in the divine flow. This session does that in a way that will provide you with your own unique energetic imprint that you will never forget.  

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