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The Center for Planetary Awakening, through the guidance of founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson, provides you with a safe haven for discovering and learning to trust your inner voice, and to share the journey of self-discovery in the context of light-filled, heart-centered community of other visionaries and world servers who are committed to the inner path of joy for sustaining oneness in community.

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The wisdom teachings, transformational practices and vibrational support through intentional music and sound alchemy provide you with the opportunity to raise your vibration and anchor more love, more joy and more peace into your life. You will find information and support for your work, your direction and your peers who are here to joyously celebrate oneness in community. Are you ready? 

Mission: To activate soul-level awareness and empower the heart for sustaining oneness as the new humanity. The Center for Planetary Awakening serves as a catalyst for quantum shifts of consciousness at this turning point in human consciousness evolution. Our mission is to help others realize their highest human potential and to empower people everywhere to create new paradigm structures that support the balanced and harmonized whole. 

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Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson are the very fabric of cultivating global awareness of higher consciousness while embracing the quantum scientific paradigm shift that we are all one. - Krystal Fenn

I realize while listneing how deep my hunger is to experience higher realms of creation. You allowed us a glimpse into other wondrous realities… Your talk was a catalyst that will enable me to move more ealisly into higher realms.  -PL, Virginia

The activation workshop this past weekekend was awesome.  I released fears and found courage; I experienced love, joy, and peace; I now feel capable and confident in helping bring about change on this planet.  - Linda B., Richmond VA

Live WebcastOpyrani

Our first webcast of the year will be on Monday night (January 20th at 7:30 pm eastern). The topic is LiveYour Best LIfe. Purpose, path and awareness will be our focus.

Join me, with mutual sharing and music offerings by Mark Torgeson, as we take that 90-minute journey together. Your questions are encouraged prior to the time of the live webcast, and I will most certainly make an attempt to answer as many questions during the session as well.

See information and web link below. The webcast will be accessible by phone, skype or on the web.

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26th September 2021
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