Introducing the New Living Library

The angelic beings are here to help us. They are here to love us, honor us and to help us understand the changes that are coming and how to adjust to the energies that are influencing human consciousness. The Living Library is a synergistic system of information, vibrational support and music for helping you to maintain balance and centeredness as you embrace life in the new earth grid of consciousness where love is self-evident and acceptance of self and others is a way of life.

  • Heart-based Learning for Releasing Fear and LIving Your Purpose

    We have all been afraid of the world and all the obstacles that can easily thwart our spiritual development. But there is a clear way to deliver oneself on the other side of all of that. Through experiential practices and a rich sea of channeled material, straight from the Guides, you’ll learn how to let go of fear-based beliefs and embody that joyous, peaceful nature of yours. Your life is a journey. Why not enjoy it as you embrace all the love that you are?

  • Gain Life Skills for Anchoring More Light into Your Life.

    It’s been incredibly humbling to be a part of this learning process. The angelic beings and Ascended Masters are so ready to share, from their perspective, what will help us to create a better life here on the planet. Everything you will learn inside the portal is coming straight from Source. The life skills have also been put into practice by people who have regularly attended Living the Miracle sessions, and anchored into form at retreats and events. I have personally drawn upon so many of the practices and use them in my every day life. I look forward to sharing them with you.

  • Spirit is at Work Here

    Everyday is new. Every person is different. Each of us have our own life path and purpose. Much time and attention has been placed on our roles in the new paradigm of oneness consciousness. No longer are we bound by the structures that keep us hidden and out of sorts. By joining the Living Library, you will be invited to listen back to never before heard sessions and live Q & A sessions each month.

  • You are among friends here: Living the Miracle Global Network

    You have lots of LtMers around you, too, in the form of a global network. We all recognize that once one of us wakes up and goes through that invisible doorway. we are standing on the ready to help the next get to the other side.



PortalIconBlueAccess a Growing Library of Sustainable Oneness Practices and Frequency Activations


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