Entraining to Intentional Music to Maintain Balance in the Human Energy System

Light Encoded Music and Frequency Activations

Intentionally created music is a powerful yet gentle way of entraining the body, mind and spirit to higher state of consciousness. Access a growing library nature sounds, music and healing frequencies for adjusting to the new earth grid of consciousness. The Living Library is a synergistic system of information, vibrational support and music for helping you to maintain balance and centeredness as you embrace life in the new earth grid of consciousness where love is self-evident and acceptance of self and others is a way of life.

Music for entraining is a drop of water in an ocean of love.

  • Harmonics of Nature

    Enjoy a plethora of nature sounds, from birds, crickets, water, rain and wind. Mark has not only recorded the sounds of nature in all settings but also infused this incredible breathing, living earth into his music. Enjoy the sounds of interludes of  gongs, drums and chimes along with the synthesizer and piano.

  • Frequencies of the New Earth Grid

    Over a three year period the Guides, through Carol Fitzpatrick, gave us particular frequencies for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. The new earth grid frequencies are all here as well. Tune into the pure tone as Mark weaves a tapestry of musical tones and meditative expressions of joyousness. Use the frequencies to entrain the body, mind, spirit or purely enjoy the shift in consciousness as you listen in.

  • Sound Healing

    Sound is the most primordial way to shift your energy. Mark has recorded sounds for entraining to purity of heart using crystal bowls, digeridoo, alpen horn, gongs, bamboo flute and solfeggio frequencies. Tap into the moment and allow your body to relax and your mind soften and the sounds do the rest of the work.

  • Living the Miracle Activation Recordings

    In all the years that we have been called to be of service, our most joyful times continue to be the Activations. Enjoy carefully selected recordings that shift the energy system into higher states of awareness. Listen to the music that focuses on peace, unconditional love, frequencies for anchoring into the new earth grid, reunion, alchemy of the heart and so much more.


Access A Full and Growing Musical Library
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