New Earth Frequencies

In this section find music and tones with specific frequencies of the New Earth; and recordings to help one adjust to these new frequencies
BlueGlobOcean532web532 Hz – The New Earth Frequency


The specific tone of 532 Hz is the frequency of the New Earth. Use this tone to align yourself with the vibration the earth has ascended into. 1:00 hour.

GatheringofLight1Frequency 532 Music – from A Gathering of Light I

We used this frequency extensively, almost exclusively, along with 437 Hz, the whole year of 2012, preparing participants in workshops and retreats for the new vibration of the earth. This track comes from A Gathering of Light, a four day retreat held in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. Use as you would the preceding simple sine wave; this is a bit more musical and active.

BlueGlobOcean437webFrequency 437 Hz


This Frequency is used in tandem with 532 Hz; it assists in the integration of the New Earth frequency.

 GatheringofLight3Frequency 437 – Music from A Gathering of Light 3

This frequency is best used with Frequency 532, the New Earth frequency, because it helps to integrate 532 into the human energy system. The retreat A Gathering of Light, facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick and attended by representatives of all 17 star tribes present on the planet today. Recorded live in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. From A Gathering of Light album 3, track two