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T2_150Within each individual lies an internal wave frequency that can be activated by light, sound and musicality. The term musicality is used to describe a wave frequency rather than as a term of music or a making of sound through rhythm enhancement. This particular form of musicality has been encoded with light formulated wave frequencies that breaks up normal thought wave patterns, thus liberating the spiritual connection from within the physical constraints of the body.

This knowledge serves as a roadmap for liberating the soul’s connection from deep within the physical constraints of the body, and prepares us for upcoming global shifts in consciousness. - Carol

Our first channeled Topic was in a remote mountain cabin Carol and I frequented. It was without running water, heated by wood which one needed to cut, and accessed via foot by backpacking. We loved the cabin and especially the area around it because Nature had totally reclaimed it, and it provided complete immersion in the company of the devas and animals and plants and minerals. Even the rocks had their stories, which they shared freely with Carol. We delighted in being away from electricity, phones, the internet, and all the accoutrements of society which appease the mind but tend to clutter the clarity of space required by the spirit seeking peace.

The transmission was slow but deliberate that evening, and we were introduced to the “master of ceremonies”,  Nathaniel, who would preside through the first 17 topics, after which another guide would preside. Nathaniel’s purpose seemed to be to direct the project, assemble the key speakers, and make salient remarks as to the course of action to follow as well as the purpose of the Topics. He served the role of the modern day producer, who is chief organizer and quality control/artistic director on all levels.

Following the first two Topics we opened the door in our home to a small group every two weeks. I would start by creating a palette of sound on the piano, followed by Carol who would speak and then open it up for questions. Neither of us had any preconception of the theme or subject matter. - Mark

T9_150Grace excerpt - Mission of teaching and sharing knowledge; role of play in purpose


A question regarding purpose and mission in life receives an unexpected response!

T9_150Grace excerpt - 32 star tribes, Tree of Life, numeric sequences

A question regarding the Tree of Life in relation to the original 32 star tribes. Answer explores numeric sequences of 22, 32, 11:11, and the mirror of the self this focus brings to the observer.

T9_150Grace Music – Track 1

This is track one of the music which accompanied the Grace transmission.

T7_150Allowance excerpt - what to do with emotions of the 1st and 2nd chakras


A question regarding the best manner to release feelings and emotions from the first and second chakras.

T7_150Allowance Music - Track 1


The first track of music which accompanied the transmission of Allowance.

T4_150Magic Excerpt

A question regarding whether Magic is a scientific principle or if it originates from another unknown part of our experience.