Happy New Year. May this new cycle of life on the planet find you well, in good spirits and aligned with your purpose. Love and honor to all beings everywhere.


Маковый рассвет


I awakened in 1989 during a major life transition where I dove deep into the mystical realms of the divine. That began a deep immersion into spirit as I was taught by my energetic teachers. By 2001, I was guided to write my first book, Fear Not My Child, which launched my calling to serve as a channel for higher consciousness. In 2005, I began speaking about the prophetic visions that I had anchored into the physical plane, and launched a series of teaching experiences called Living the Miracle as a way to proactively preparing others for the impending energetic shifts. In 2009, I received a download of light with a clear vision of providing help and assistance to others for balancing and stabilizing the human energy system and for establishing 32 centers of light around the world. We have been working toward the fulfillment of that vision since that time.

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