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While Karlie took to Twitter saying, “I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. While she was in Dubai when the photo was taken, burqas are not required in the area, especially for visitors.

Answer Save. 9 years ago. It takes someone to say, out of compassion and out of love, 'Hey, this is what the origin is. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Miley popularized twerking around the country without ever commenting on its origins, leaving many to think she was the creator of the dance move. 3 Answers. The Repatriation of Cultural Objects Leong Yew, Research Fellow, University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore. I support VS’s decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast.”Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. Relevance. What are some good examples of a contemporary cultural object in today's society.? The outfit will be removed from the broadcast." layla . We have a few ideas, but we want some more choices, in case we can't find enough research material for ours. The following are some questions such an analysis might ask. Fashion Traditional fashions of an elite are often considered high fashion if such traditions remain alive. A comprehensive cultural analysis of an object would focus on all of the areas listed below. And, sometimes that's what it takes. This list is organized according to the three “moments” of a cultural-circulation analysis. Old architecture is high culture if it is accepted as an unusually compelling or important example of the cultural heritage of a people or place. For example, it is unthinkable to wear shoes in the home in Japan. Cultural appreciation and cultural exchange are vital parts of any culture.
"(Mis)Appropriation of cultural elements of marginalized groups by the dominant groups (without the consent of the groups from which the cultural elements are being “borrowed”) often misrepresents and distorts the original meaning of these elements, exoticizes, simplifies, and commodifies them for display and consumption by the mainstream public," Dr. Chong states, "thereby perpetuating the harmful stereotypes of the marginalized groups." In other words, cultural appropriation can become more clearly harmful when a “trend” takes from a minority culture and deems that trend more societally acceptable when the majority culture adopts it.The problem often lies in the fact that, whether it is the artist’s intention or not, certain looks and sounds and “aesthetics” are automatically deemed more palatable by society when displayed on or by someone who is white. Many celebrities don't seem to understand the idea of cultural appropriation and find themselves under fire when they try to adopt another culture's practices. Favorite Answer.

Borrowing is not inheren It doesn't seem like she has committed another act of cultural appropriation for a few years, so let's hope those days are behind us.People had a lot of things to say about Miley Cyrus' 2013 Video Music Awards performance, one of them being her use of "twerking," a popular dance among black women.

When confused about the backlash, Khloé talked to two Muslim employees at one of her Dash stores.Skip ahead four years to last June when Miley was celebrating Gay Pride in Washington D.C. She posted an Instagram of her wearing a rainbow-colored Bindi, a decorative mark worn on the head of Indian women. ";s:7:"keyword";s:24:"cultural object examples";s:5:"links";s:623:"Indrajit Chakraborty Birthday Date, Buffalo Braves Vintage, Act Iii Productions, Vancouver Voodoo Hat, Why Was Roy Wilkins Important, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}