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This textbook was well-organized and easy to follow and shows lots of consideration for readers who will use the textbook, perhaps as a resource or as the primary source for their course.

It would have been nice to see a variety of measurable verbs such as describe, discuss, explain, etc. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Some of the relevant concepts I would have liked to have included are the microbiome, nutrigenomics, whole grains vs refined grains, health benefits of the two types of fiber, fasting, nutrition related to environment and sustainability, more detailed discussion of plant-based diets, more detailed process for development of atherosclerotic plaque, differences in alcohol metabolism between males and females.I really enjoy how this text highlights the Hawaiian food culture.

There is a table of contents; however, there is no comprehensive index of glossary.I really like this textbook for a course on basic nutrition. Details About Modern Hawaiian History Textbook Ann Rayson The Bess Press Honolulu Hawaii 1987. Since some of my student grew up in food insecure homes and continue to struggle with finances, I would appreciate a chapter/section on shopping/eating on a budget.I did not find grammatical errors.The text was well-written and easy to read. As an OER resource, it could easily be adapted to other geographic areas (or remove the specific mentions of Hawaii and the greater Pacific to make it more generic). There is no mention of Orthrorexia, which is common for my students who are majoring in Health and/or Physical Education.This book covers the typical topics that are usually covered in a basic nutrition textbook. I enjoyed the focus on Hawaii'n culture. Alternatively, it could be further adapted by adding other culturally relevant nutritional components for an inclusive classroom experience (with this in mind, I can envision building an assignment around this idea for students to bring in their own cultural food and relate it to nutrition. The table of contents helps with the navigation. • 13 restaurants and lounges and Legends of ...Flintstone of Island Distillers, Honolulu, exemplifies the skepticism that some distillers hold about their colleagues. Makai at Lagoon Tower, Hale Ike at Palace Tower, and. Images and charts are clear. Hawaiian cowboy pau.

The text has a table of contents that includes the chapter title and main subheadings; however, the text does not include an index or glossary.The text references the current Dietary Guidelines (2015-2020) in most, but not all, places where it might be relevant. Paniolo, n.d.. 1942–1950: WORLD WAR II,THE AUTOMOBILE,AND THE LABOR MOVEMENT.

I liked each chapter's introduction with an example relative to Hawaii'n culture, though most of my students would not relate to poi or ahi poke. Travel east, roughly 25 minutes, inland from the volcanic Kohala Coast to discover Waimea (also called Kamuela), which is unlike any other place on. When referring to vitamin A as an antioxidant in various places - it should probably be corrected to either provitamin A or beta carotene.I really like how most sections have citations, however, some don’t. I would have also like to see more in depth information presented in the life stages section. I enjoy how the authors placed sources at the end of every page so the reader could look for further information as needed. Likewise, I would instruct them to use control-F to search for terms within a chapter.The interface is good and easy to navigate through using the contents tab and search tool.No insensitivity or offensiveness in the text was detected. A suggestion is to implement a variety of measurable verbs such as describe, discuss, explain, etc. ABSTRACT.

Advice likes this: Calm your “sweet tooth” by eating fruits, such as berries or an apple (chapter 4) is not relevant or helpful to any of my students. Lizard; supernatural dragon-‐like water spirit mo'opuna. Also, the discussion of "The Atom" in chapter 8 erroneously states about nutrient energy sources: "The energy released by breaking those bonds is used to form molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)." In truth, breaking bonds ALWAYS requires energy INPUT. While most of the text appears to be up-to-date I did notice a few broken links already that would require the professor providing a new source for students to refer to. The text includes a search function which makes it easy to find all relevant sections when an update is implemented. The objectives located at the beginning of each chapter include measurable verbs with the verb “describe” frequently used in every chapter.

Chapter 12, Nutrition Applications, should be presented sooner. Welcome to the Hawaiian Wikibook, a free textbook on the Hawaiian language!.

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