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Over the past century, the diamond industry has exploded with innovation from leading chemists, physicists, geologists, mineralogists, and oceanographers. Ayer, and the slogan “A diamond is forever” was coined.
Less than 20% of the diamonds mined are of gem quality; less than 2% are considered “investment diamonds.” 75-80% of mined diamonds are used for industrial applications, such as grinding, sawing, and drilling. At the time of their discovery, diamonds were valued because of their strength and brilliance, and for their ability to refract light and engrave metal.

Sanskrit manuscript by a minister in a northern Indian dynasty With their rich history, sense of permanence, and lustrous brilliance, diamonds are a natural choice to signify a lasting union.Legendary diamond cutter Joseph Asscher introduces the famous Asscher cut diamond.All set! In addition to engagement rings, diamonds are traditionally given as gifts to commemorate the milestone of the sixtieth anniversary. Diam… At the time of their discovery, diamonds were valued because of their strength and brilliance, and for their ability to refract light and engrave metal. However, only a few diamond deposits were known until the 20th century, when scientific understanding and technology extended diamond exploration and mining around the globe. The work is dated from 320-296 BCE.As more diamonds reached Europe, demand for them increased. The history of diamonds. If you need anything else, just ask.With new trading routes open, the first major diamond cutting industry begins in Venice, Italy.The Kimberly Mine is discovered in South Africa, marking the beginning of large scale diamond mining.Erasmus Jacobs discovers a 21.25-carat diamond along the Orange River in South Africa.The universal diamond grading system, known as the Four C’s is introduced by the GIASpread your purchase over time with fixed, monthly payments.

As jewelers experimented with ways to enhance the diamond’s visual appeal and presentation, new cutting techniques were adopted to help increase the stone’s brilliance. Rates from 10–30% APR.Carbon, the key element in diamond formation, begins to evolve under extreme heat and pressures.Each jewelry item comes with our Lifetime Warranty.Selecting the "I don't know" option will allow you to select a ring size later.The diamond is more than just aesthetically beautiful—it’s an enduring symbol of love, romance, and commitment.

Rather than a miscellany of jewels of different types, a matched set of jewelry -- was now worn at all important social events.Today diamonds are mined in about 25 countries, on every continent but Europe and Antarctica. The history of cutting Diamonds dates back to the beginning of the 1400's in Paris.

A majority of these early stones were transported along the network of trade routes that connected India and China, commonly known as the Silk Road. Over time, several prominent shapes emerged as the most popular varieties, including round, oval, marquise, square (princess), and rectangular (emerald).Provide your basic information and get an instant approval decision.First diamonds in South America are discovered in Brazil.
Diamonds came to dominate small jewels during the 17th century and large ones by the 18th century.It is a modern misconception that the world's diamonds come primarily from South Africa: diamonds are a worldwide resource. The earliest diamonds were found in India in 4th century BC, although the youngest of these deposits were formed 900 million years ago. What makes diamonds different from coal is the way the carbon atoms are arranged and how the carbon is formed. For 1,000 years, starting in roughly the 4th century BC, India was the only source of diamonds.Early descriptions of diamond date to the 4th century BC.
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