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The child is lawfully admitted, physically present, and maintaining a lawful status in the United States at the time the application is approved and the time of naturalization. In general, a [glossary-embed:link:node:50706:1] for citizenship and naturalization provisions is an unmarried person who is:There are two general ways to obtain citizenship through U.S. citizen parents: at birth, and after birth but before the age of 18. In limited circumstances, a child living overseas may be able to pursue naturalization by filing an N-600K. The grandparent can be … Child Citizenship Act 2000.

Under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, biological and adopted children of U.S. Citizens who are born overseas can automatically acquire citizenship provided the following requirements are met:Alerts and Messages for U.S. visitors to Ireland.Children under age 18 who had already fulfilled the above four conditions acquired U.S. citizenship automatically on February 27, 2001. Congress has enacted laws that determine how citizenship is conveyed by a U.S. citizen parent (or parents) to children born outside of the United States.Children residing outside of the United States may obtain citizenship under Section 322 of the INA. Note: Children of U.S. citizen military members residing outside the United States may complete the entire process from abroad. Under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, a child under age 18 who has a U.S. citizen grandparent who meets the physical presence requirements may qualify for expeditious naturalization under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Expeditious Naturalization must be complete before the adoptive child's 18th birthday. A child who regularly resides outside of the United States is eligible for naturalization if all of the following conditions have been met:The law in effect at the time of birth determines whether someone born outside the United States to a U.S. citizen parent (or parents) is a U.S. citizen at birth. N-600K Application for Citizenship and Issuance of a Certificate If you and the child are residing abroad, the child may be eligible for expeditious naturalization if your parent, the child's U.S. citizen grandparent, was physically present in the United States for a period totaling 5 years, 2 after the age of 14.

Children who have not yet fulfilled these conditions will acquire U.S. citizenship on the day the last of these criteria has been met, provided the child is still under 18 at the time.For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange.U.S.

Citizens with emergencies, please call +353 1 668-8777Outside of Ireland: +353 1 668-8777In 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Ireland launched the Creative Minds Series, which invites prominent U.S. artists, writers, filmmakers, digital culture innovators, and musicians to share their experience with young Irish audiences.Learn more about quality higher-education opportunities in the U.S. that you will not find anywhere else in the world.Outside of Office Hours, contact: +353 1 668-8777For foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States.In 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Ireland launched the Creative Minds Series, which invites prominent U.S. artists, writers, filmmakers, digital culture innovators, and musicians to share their experience with young Irish audiences.If you are not eligible to transmit citizenship to your child, and s/he cannot qualify for naturalization as described in this page, s/he may require a tourist visa to travel to the United States for a temporary, nonworking visit or, if eligible, travel on the Visa Waiver Program, or an immigrant visa if s/he wishes to take up residence. The entire process can take from six months to a year or more. USCIS Resources.

Expeditious naturalization through a grandparent. A Charleston Immigration Attorney can answer your questions and properly process this application.

In general, these laws require that at least one parent was a U.S. citizen, and the U.S. citizen parent had lived in the United States for a period of time. Examples include when the child has a biological grandparent who is a U.S. citizen or the child was legally adopted by their U.S. citizen stepparent.

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