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If we fast forward to today, my husband and I are back in the states. Trying to explain my pain and other symptoms and waiting for my husband to translate, relay, listen, translate and relay back to me was excruciating. But the language issue is definitely something to think about, especially when it comes to any future children. Although I speak Dutch fluently (I am Dutch of origin) I miss my home country terribly. I was very reluctant to agree to this because I enjoy being in Japan and after couple of visits in China I didn’t like it. The factor; “non-religious” is rather important because it makes Danes go insane when they feel that someone want Islam to have the same standing as the State Church in Denmark. (I’m Asian and he’s Caucasion) We met in 2003 so I’ve had a chance to visit Holland several times before tying the know.

It is close to Mexico and not as far from England. We are just unhappy in each others countries.It has not always been easy for my wife. I even sacrifice not buying anything for myself just so i can send money there. Only good part about the gatherings is when I can dance my heart out. We also have 2 kids, ages 14 and 4. Not saying I totally agree with Hall’s theory of high-and low-context culture, as it’s too general, but I believe it’s still valid to assess individual differences, so I’m using it as parameter.I’m married to an immigrant (he lives in Canada now, as does his entire family), which makes a lot of this easier for us to deal with. There are many joys of marrying a foreigner but it is a commitment unlike marrying someone of your own nationality. We don’t talk much about death.I have plenty of reasons to choose a foreigner over a local. I just wish people would understand transnational marriages are hard work, it’s so much more then a cute accent lol.Here, Here! About visiting families. We raise our two children without religion in the sense that they are not members in a congregation and that it will be up to them to choose religion when they feel it’s time to make such decision. i did it myself in 1981. Sometimes I really wish there were no borders…I hope we will be together soon !!!! I have dreams of visiting some countries but for the 6 years me and my wife have been together we have been to Colombia every year. I hope to overcome all these challenges in the coming years specially the ones regarding travelling and finances. I was, however, with an Israeli guy for a few years before I met my husband and you wanna talk about cultural problems?!

Because we live Denmark our children do eat pork and take part in Christian religious services in school. I have never loved Canada and now as the kids get older I am more homesick than ever. No relationship is easy, but when a relationship with a foreigner transpires this can add a level of complication.

He also can’t move to the US with me as he wouldn’t see his daughter. There is an implicit ethnic, religious and racial hierarchy in Norse countries and until fairly recently it was government policy. We Skyped, sent each other gifts, and phone calls constantly. As an agnostic myself, things like burial are not even relevant to me, then cremation is even cheaper in most places. We don’t have this problem with all cheap flights within Europe.But it’s much harder to have a divorce.Honestly I hope your husband doesn’t read this since it sounds like you regret marrying him and would prefer you hadn’t. Which is crappy.These reasons not to marry could be true for ANY marriage not just to a foreigner.
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