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I have a suggestion for another test. Disclaimer: Any activity involving rope can be dangerous and may even be life threatening! Looks like the FG knot won that one too.We all are learning, and that includes me.We call your Alberto knot were we live “the Albright knot Luke”.Yes, the Alberto knot proved to have a higher breaking strength compared to the Albright knot in my test proving that it is a very good knot. Any recommendations on the blood knot?And then we’ll put the winner up of that “Knot Off” against the reigning champion, the FG knot.Here’s a video showing how to tie the Alberto knot:The reason why I did a 4-inch leader was for my safety (lessen the snap-back once the line breaks) and so that I can get both connections in the video as I break the knot to see what happened.

).Given that the similarities of these two knots, I was assuming that they would be fairly close and this test confirmed that assumption… here’s how it went.Yes, I have noticed that the good line to line knots result in a stronger connection compared to if a swivel was used in between them… which was totally opposite of what I had thought was true for 20+ years:)

He has the blood knot, double uni, and surgeons rated at 63-61% respectively! In both cases the monofilament broke right at the point where it exited the knot. What you describe makes good sense. It does have advantage of allowing two sections of material of relatively dissimilar diameters to be joined together, but this is usually only important in an emergency situation, say to cobble together a usable leader in the last couple of minutes of light.But why take my word for it?

The greater the line diameter difference, the more the blood knot will slip out. Upon close inspection I saw that the Albright Knot was completely intact and when I cut the knot in two I found the monofilament still inside of the knot. Many knots are not suitable for the risks involved in climbing.

My philosophy in these knot tests has been to simply find which one enables me to have the strongest overall connection between me and my lure. !Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.Are you reeling the knot up into your rod guides and then casting it out?

But I haven’t tried it. The nail knot, in contrast, is a bend and has no sliding loop. I’ll be testing it with 10 wraps of the braid side unless you specify a different count.So we’re going to make sure to use the same amount of wraps for each one in order to see which one is best.Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:These two knots are extremely similar. Best 5 Fishing Knots For Connecting Fishing Lines - YouTube Catch more fish in less timeAnd the two most commonly requested knots were hands down where as follows:Note: I have no idea if the UV knot sense is a hard-bodied material that is prone to cracking or not, so that may not be an issue in this case.Luke, I have really enjoyed ( and learned a lot from) your knot tests. You might have to wet the line to lubricate stiff nylon.

I feel like an easy to tie knot is most important so you tie it well and often. Bass fishing legend Roland Martin considers the Double Uni the best knot for tying braided line to a fluorocarbon or monofilament leader. Are you finding that your break tests have had breaks more than an inch away from your knots?Love how everyone argues with you in the comments lol. I have been running the modified Albright(Alberto) for several years now. {"cat":"experts","type":"article_children_page","format":"default"}I hardly ever use a surgeon’s knot in my own fishing. And the philosophy behind putting two knots on the same strand of line is to enable me a way to measure which one provides the strongest connection. For braid to mono/fluoro connections, the FG has proven to be considerably stronger.I would love to see you perform this same testing with smaller diameter leader. Do you know what type of glue others have used? I watch thousands of them come together in my hands every season, and there is still something very satisfying about drawing up a well-tied blood knot. I have seen where it is 100% breaking strength in other tests.However, the line wraps in the middle are what make this knot unique.

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