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https://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-videos/spool-line-baitcasting.html With baitcasters, slack line on your reel is going to greatly increase the chances for dreaded backlash.With a baitcaster, the level wind should lay line down evenly across the entirety of the reel without any of your assistance. It must be done ever so often to be able to catch the big fish. Respooling a reel is something that i learned from my grandfather. When you’re done, you might have a sense of satisfaction that you got a little more line on there, but that feeling will not last long once you get out onto the water.When learning how to line a bait caster, understanding these simple concepts and knot types are not only going to make the initial process easier, but will lead to less frustration on the water.One tip that greatly helps is to have the spool of line positioned so that it is level with the reel being spooled and have it positioned so that it can rotate freely while reeling in with the reel handle. Respooling a reel is something that i learned from my grandfather. How To Spool Braid On A Baitcaster | Bass Fishing - YouTube Over filling the spool makes casting very difficult, casting with a over filled reel will almost always guarantee a line birds nest. You might even find yourself looking forward to the task, where you can let your mind wander to the next day’s trip on the water and that trophy fish you know you’ll hook into. A lot of people think you need a big fancy knot to tie the line to the spool but two simple over hand knots work fine. This is, of course, a personal preference and you will eventually determine your stance on this.Understanding how to spool a baitcasting reel and executing it, as you will soon see, is a simple task and after a few rounds, you’ll be a pro at it. A problem we often see with anglers learning how to spool a baitcaster is they add more line than the reel is meant to hold. If you don’t have a buddy available to hold the filler spool for you, you can also achieve this on your own by putting a pencil through the hole of the filler spool, and stepping on one end of the pencil with one foot, while resting the other end of the pencil on top of your other foot. The type of line is going to impact the amount that can be spooled. If you were fishing for bigger fish that might pull a lot of drag I would consider user a more formal knot.When spooling a reel it is easy to over fill it with line. We will look at some the various steps of spooling a baitcaster, including the use of backing, knots for certain lines used, spooling efficiently, and several tips in between.When you think of how to put line on a baitcaster reel, most imagine this step. This is going to help lay line down evenly across the entirety of the spool.

One reason you put fresh line on your reels is so the line doesn't kink when you cast. Maybe no one has ever shown you how to put line on a baitcaster or give you some pro tips. There are several tools that are available for this and some home remedies as well.When it comes to how to put line on a baitcaster reel, there is some discussion in the fishing world if this is necessary to have mono backing. Having poorly spooled reel with poor alignment is eventually going to end up as a mess of line and tangles sitting atop your baitcaster with the bass chuckling beneath you. How to Re-spool a Baitcasting Reel: Respooling a baitcasting reel is very important.
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