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Don’t ask why she doesn’t resort to social media instead. In this movie, she makes pain so palpably all-encompassing that you see it in her character’s every glance and gesture: It squares Mildred’s jaw, hardens her mouth and turns her face to stone, as if she were further fortifying her defenses. The billboards aren’t blank — the faded image of a baby smiles down from one, the word “life” pops off another — but they’re the opening pages in Mildred’s opus. Months after her daughter’s death, grief has walled her in; isolating and seemingly impenetrable, it is inscribed in the hardness of her gaze and in her grim new identity as a mother of a dead girl. Like the older ones, it has loads of gab, plenty of guns and the spectacle of men (mainly) behaving terribly. It’s an inviting landscape smudged with soft color, but as she stares at the signs with furrowed intensity, she chews on a fingernail so ferociously she seems on the verge of tearing it off. Mostly, he has freighted it with a tragedy that allows the performers — primarily Ms. McDormand but also the equally excellent Mr. Harrelson and Sam Rockwell — to play to their range.Frances McDormand’s leading turn in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” is being praised as one of the finest of her career.

Three Billboards sets forth as a modern-day western, complete with mariachi music and a crossfire of hard stares across sleepy Main Street. McDonagh rounds up the survivors and casts them to the wind, in search of a happy ending or another adventure, wherever they land first.Those familiar with McDonagh’s work will be unsurprised to learn that Three Billboards is a bold and showboating affair, robustly drawn and richly written; a violent carnival of small-town American life.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is an absolute cinematic masterpiece, and the best film of 2017. Much of the story involves the ripples of outrage, confusion and buffoonery that the billboards inspire and that soon envelop almost everyone Mildred knows.

It’s going to be like high tea in hell.Frances McDormand is commanding as a woman avenging the murder of her daughter in Martin McDonagh’s modern-day western Frances McDormand leads an incredible ensemble cast that delivers some of the year's best performances.

Rockwell has proven to be an actor of great range throughout his career, but he might do his most impressive work to date as Jason Dixon, a man whose true colors lay dormant until the final act.Retired cop and unofficial P.I. Topics Venice film festival

Then it zigs left to sketch a comic small-town portrait, zags right to become a roguish picaresque.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a multi-layered piece with such swathes of great dialogue that it will no doubt reward - if not demand - multiple viewings.

Woody Harrelson gives another commendable performance as the multi-dimensional Sheriff Bill Willoughby, albeit not quite as much as Sam Rockwell.

A performer of great unforced naturalism, she has always come across more like a character actor than a star, even when she has the lead.

Because what is most impressive about McDonagh’s movie is its freewheeling nature, its bottle-rocket sensibility; its awareness that people can turn 180 degrees on a dime. Yet it has a big, beating heart, even a rough-edged compassion for its brawling inhabitants.

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