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Within his own community, however, all doors are open.In his biography of the man Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid Henry Kenney noted that Verwoerd had a “dominating personality, and those who came under his influence found him irresistible. "--Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, South African minister for native affairs (prime minister from 1958 to 66), speaking about his government's education policies in the 1950s. He was taken to the Marshall Square police station and later transferred to the Forensic Medical Laboratory due to his peculiar behaviour.Verwoerd gradually gained popularity with the Afrikaner electorate and continued to expand his political support. Supremely self-confident, he never doubted the correctness of his views. We have nowhere else to go.

He was adamant that children’s perceptions should not be … Birthed in the Netherlands, Hendrik and his family moved to South Africa when he was 2 due to his father's sympathy for the second Boer war.

That opportunity arises for them as soon as such a division is brought into being between them and the Europeans that they need not be the imitators and henchmen of the latter.”“As a premise, the question may be put: Must Bantu and European in future develop as intermixed communities, or as communities separated from one another in so far as this is practically possible?

In this way, Volkelt reconciled his empirical research with Krueger’s concept of holistic psychology. This must cause to rise in him an increasing sense of resentment and revenge.”“According as a flourishing community arises in [the Native] territories… the need will develop for teachers, dealers, clerks, artisans, agricultural experts, leaders of local and general governing bodies of their own. I say this explicitly because it is self-evident that if one could follow the course of retaining one state in which the White man continued to exercise his historic rule (even if its limits had to be restricted to some extent) that course would be preferred. (a) We undertake to stage country-wide demonstrations on the eve of the proclamation of the Republic in protest against this undemocratic act. It is abundantly clear that unplanned education creates many problems, disrupts the communal life of the Bantu and endangers the communal life of the European.The white man who came to Africa, perhaps to trade, and in some cases, to bring the Gospel, has remained and we particularly, in this southernmost portion of Africa, have such a stake here that this has become our only motherland. Colonel G. M. Harrison, president of the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society, leapt up and knocked the pistol from the gunman's hand. It is not even what the African states practice. We believe in providing those rights for those people in the fullest degree in that part of Southern Africa which their forefathers found for themselves and settled in.“My point is this that, if mixed development is to be the policy of the future of South Africa, it will lead to the most terrific clash of interests imaginable.

(a) Elects a National Action Council;Conference unanimously decided to call upon your Government to summon such a convention before 31 May.I AM DIRECTED by the All-In African National Action Council to address your Government in the following terms:4. It is in line with thinking on Africa to grant them there, those fullest rights which we with you, admit all people should have.

Conference feared that under this proposed Republic your Government, which is already notorious the world over for its obnoxious policies, would continue to make even more savage attacks on the rights and living conditions of the African people. In the Native territories where the services of educated Bantu are much needed, Bantu education can complete its full circle, by which the child is taken out of the community by the school, developed to his fullest extent in accordance with aptitude and ability and thereafter returned to the community to serve and to enrich it.”Legislation must gradually but purposefully ensure that each white section of the population should, as far as practicable, enjoy a share of each of the major occupations, according to its proportion of the white population.

Of course, the discrimination must disappear as soon as the correct balance (ewiwigtigetoestand) has been achieved.”

The effect on the Bantu community we find in the much discussed frustration of educated Natives who can find no employment which is acceptable to them.

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