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";s:4:"text";s:5239:"That’s spelled Q.A.T.A.R. Guess that was wrong!Well, it can be both .. and uttered by the same crew member! One of my customers one day was an arab looking man. As part of the usual post-landing spiel after arriving in DOH on our first QR flight, we were welcomed to the State of “kuh-TAR” and thanked for flying “KAH-ter” Airways. I did google the pronunciation site the voice was cutter . Or call QR customer service and listen to the prompts of an agent. And instead of so-called hashtag why not use the star sign? Good, I loved that show.That is what I thought the pronunciation was thank you!! How to say QATAR AIRWAYS in English? […] then I started to do some research. It is replacing the older way, “kuh-TAR.” People who’ve had some interaction with the region might say, “gutter” a bit more – not inaccurate either. I came across other blogs that posed the question. Thank you for giving me a laugh!One of my professors guest lectured there during our spring break about two years ago and he told us it was pronounced like “cater,” which is how I’ve pronounced it since. FWIW.During the 60 Minutes interview (29 Oct 17) of the Emir of Qatar by Charlie Rose, the Emir kept saying KahTAR (or catTAR) vice Charlie’s pronunciation as “cutter.” The Emir probably has a better grasp of his language, than non-native speakers. Most often I’ve heard Qatar pronounced as “cutter,” but I’ve heard “kuh-TAR” as well. Should the looming invasion of Iraq come to pass, air bases located in the tiny Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar will be vital to the U.S. military’s plans. “My name is Bouquet that’s spelled B-U-C-K-E-T” -Hyacinth Bucket. Some gulfies like to say “gutter”, which is probably the easiest pronunciation for anyone who’s not familiar with the “qaf” sound. I’ve flown Qatar a bunch (and do enjoy flying them), […]I had to call AA to book award travel to Tanzania on Qatar. Then I said, “how about “Kaa-TAR” airlines. They also have sister U.S. college campuses there and a lot of people come in from all over the world to study there.Stanley, I love your response. The lady at the desk had no idea what I was saying. Thanks for the good laugh.Having traveled there and met natives a few years back, most of them tend to pronounce it as “cutter” but agree that there are many ways to say it and not one of them is right. I’d think maybe they renamed spirit or ryan air.

Proudly calling the award desk, I was told, in a thick Texas accent, “cutter” airlines is not a member of OneWorld. And Oikos yugart is eeeeekos not Oekos , very wrong oi in Greek is an e sound as economy oikos house nomos law ,law of the house . I take the Qatar Airways ads on tv as the appropriate pronunciation. How to say Qatar in English? You need someone one with at least knowledge 10 languages . The Airlines, the Country, the story. I think it is an arrogant, derogatory pronunciation intended to belittle or demean, because it’s “so cool” now to be mean and ugly. She said yes, /q/ah-tah/r/, with glottal q and flipped r, both a as in “father”, and approx equal emphasis on the syllables, is correct. In international pronunciation the a is always an a sound as a in large , also Iran , Iraq the I is like an i as in Italy not airan or airag . We, everybody, pronounced it ku-TAR. I would suggest you pronounce Qataris as Cutteris.This post reminds me of scenes from Keeping Up Appearances. These people are well-traveled and cultured, and I figured that I could rely on them for guidance here.At this point, I started to think that the true Qatar pronunciation was somewhere much closer to cutter than kuh-TAR.In addition, apparently a lot of people who spent time in the country of Qatar said that locals mainly used cutter while kuh-TAR was a pronunciation used by people from the West.
I asked him how to say Qatar and he replied with something sounding like this “cutter”. That would be a good clue. (My best phoneticization…)My sister has a friend from Qatar and he always pronounced it like “cutter” but with a softer c. Kind of like it’s halfway between “cutter” and “gutter”.I flew Qatar Airways in Jan.

The only problem was, I realized I didn’t know what the proper Qatar pronunciation was and found myself constantly pronouncing it differently. I don’t know when this whole “cutter” and “gutter” thing began.And nobody asked me about “hashtag” ,what about Tweed tag , Crossroads tag or why add to the terminology of pound sign & number sign? Makes no sense whatsoever I don’t understand why this is so hard for people a little common sense goes a long way even Merriam-Webster has it wrong which is hard for me to believe but they do… However, the caveat to all of this is that when speaking English and speaking of foreign nations it doesn’t always have to be restricted to mimicking the native pronunciation. Learn more.
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