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Seattle appears to be surrounded by some beautiful terrain. These capable cameras costing less than $2000 should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality.

Expected availability: ... Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 24-70mm Lens, FTZ Mount Adapter, and Bag Kit. I think they switch up the lead pictures every now and then, so i dont know what you saw... but you guys seem to also have a problem naming whats so gross.. lolEPIC gallery - really nice work!Ken Rockwell's a swell guy. Just wanted to point out that Dan took the updated photos (of the wrestling). Indeed, not a lot of noise at ISO 10.000, but not a lot of colour, tonality, or depth either. The update allows the camera to output 5.9K/29.97p and Super 35 format 4K/59.94p Raw video to Atomos Ninja V recorders.
But it ain't the camera, it's the photographer right?The wrestling gallery is good. Identified a tiny golden-crowned kinglet with it today.

@ Bob Jameson thats a perk of mirrorless tech - it will always have more AF accuracy than DSLR because of a much simpler optical path...For a camera with supposed focus issues those are great images. Key Features. Made the camera look good.The a7S III promises to be Sony's best mirrorless camera for video to date. And also experimenting with different compositions through different crops.Athlete frozen in mid-air, 1/1000 of a second, F4.0, dark lit venue, and still clean images, nice colors and contrast with up to 16,000 ISO. Most of these guys are on painkiller later in life, quite a few died young.If you mean the image for framing, then yes. Nikon’s mirrorless system is built around the world’s widest lens mount¹, which lets you capture more light. If you mean data (beyond shutter speed/aperture/ISO), depends on the camera and manufacturer.So what are you doing?

What do we think so far? Find out in our initial review based on hands-on time with the camera.Agree, I see there's a couple of comments lower down from 'tech geaks' who don't understand what photography is all about, I'm guessing these are the type who would disapprove of Robert Capa's shots from D Day:).You HAVE seen the testing on AF tracking, right? Great camera and I must say the 24-70 lens is pretty good.Tom, I could never convince my grandmother is was fake.

It would sure be nice to have the Review published so that we could all stop speculated so much.The new CFExpress Type A cards offer read and write speeds up to 800MB/s and 700MB/s, respectively, and come in 80GB and 160GB capacities.
It also glorifies and promotes violence amongst easily influenced boys. Download Now Secure Download. This sample reel includes examples all the way up to ISO 409,600.z6 and 35z 1.8 is my dream combo right now.it's almost like you, BlueBomberTurbo could have done it as well?That being said, the photographer did an excellent job with composition and timing.The AF is OK. Not D5 level, but solid.The security update comes on the heels of a report that certain Adobe programs had flaws that could potentially allow for code to be executed on unsuspecting customers' computers.A Husqvarna 51 - like! Don’t see why one has to pay the MILC tax to just say they have the lastest.Sports pictures look better as a BW in a local newspaper. I’m in the middle of the United States where all marine life arrives frozen into flat bricks so those fish market pictures are my food porn.Note "AF accuracy" and not "AF speed". By a huge amount.Nice shoots! And most of all great colors :-)...It's a little late in the season for baseball this year.Of course, this is not true. But these "whores" are fun, and if you understand that is all it is meant to be under the cheese and camp, then you can appreciate the low brow athletic art form. Which made it all the more disturbing that an 80 year old woman was enjoying seeing men in tights pound each other mercilessly...HFLM yup thats pretty much that is right!I guess you are tweaking the RAW to your liking. Washed out colors, muddy details and some kind of noise reduction artifacts. I guess the photographer could have used faster lens.A valiant effort shooting indoor sports at f/4, but you get exactly what you can expect: flat images. From the test below, it is even better than a D5.These are some great images, really appreciate the seriesPanasonic has released the promised firmware update that adds Raw video output to the S1H. Instead of winning a battle of spec sheets, it focuses on delivering robust, high quality 4K video. I.e.
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