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";s:4:"text";s:4269:"Touchpants violates every element of the law as snuff films according to the guidelines set forth in Miller V California.Touchpants marks the end of innocence to any who are exposed to it.While at the Fishman’s farm, Affiant observed Mr. Fishman agonizing over an arrest that would never come. Famously, this is when he started Phish, the band that bears his name.Extremely bitter towards his band mates for their lack of understanding why he exposed himself, and being new to Maine and not knowing very many people, Mr. Fishman had befriended the Affiant, a musician that had spent years in very close proximity to the Grateful Dead in Stinson Beach, CA.The Affiant then filed a counter-suit.Five years later, at a happy hour at Dos Amigos Restaurant in Bayside, Maine, Mr. Fishman confided to the Affiant that Phish was reuniting. Although they had been instructed by the judge that there was no prior stalking activity, therefore no protection order, the Fishman’s somehow managed to get a crooked cop to arrest the Affiant a second time for again filing and mailing a lawful court document. Mr. Fishman’s genitalia can be seen during most of his performances to this date with 25% of the demographic being under 18.Comes now Bradley Williams, sworn Affiant, with probable cause to arrest Jon Fishman for, but not limited to, the following crimes:Mr. Fishman had famously exposed himself from stage at very large stadiums and arenas to 1000’s of unsuspecting fans and employees at the venues. Thanks for checking out this Jon Fishman Dress Shirt, a cool Phish T-Shirt you will be proud to wear.

Their first album was “Poopenis Poetry” and the second album is “Straight Outta Cumpton”.

This is heard as the sexual depiction of a child masturbating with feces in the song “Stop, Daddy, I Have to Take a Cump”. The Affiant has seen corroborating articles in print verifying Mr. Fishman’s statements to himself._______________________________ __________________________________On 8/15/2004 Phish broke up, ostensibly because of a well publicized heroin arrest of guitarist Trey Anastasia.

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However, Mr. Fishman had told the Affiant that it was really over his “impulse control problem”, explaining that his band mates were concerned with being charged as accessories to Fishman’s sex crimes. From shop PhunkYouPayMe. One conversation was about Fishman’s famous dress which was pulled from a closet. Noteworthy is the similar age of Fishman’s eldest son to the boy depicted in the song when the song was written.On August 31, 2016, the Affiant was arrested on six false stalking charges levied by the Fishman’s, all of which had already been adjudicated and there was no valid restraining order.This video is called “The making of Straight Outta Cumpton”, however, the album seems to be unavailable, ostensibly pulled because of this action.During the 5 year hiatus/breakup of Phish, the Affiant enjoyed a sporadic friendship with the Fishman’s during which numerous conversations with Fishman were conducted. The Affiant asked if Mr. Fishman wore underwear underneath the dress on stage and Mr. Fishman answered in the negative. The Affiant held the dress to himself and declined a good nature offer to “try it on”. Mr. Fishman’s genitalia can be seen during most of his performances to this date with 25% of the demographic being under 18. The most common jon fishman dress material is interlock knit. The public has been blissfully unaware that this sexually explicit matter inciting the rape of children and the fatal anal rape of ones own mother is being produced right here in Waldo County. In addition to drumming, he also sings back-up vocals and occasionally lead-vocals (usually on cover songs, most of them humorous – the best examples are Prince's "Purple Rain", Neil Diamond's "Cracklin' Rosie", Will Smith's song "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", and Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd's "Bike").

The Affiant objected twice that this was obstruction of justice.The Affiant then sent Mrs. Fishman a lawful “notice of pending litigation”. ";s:7:"keyword";s:17:"jon fishman dress";s:5:"links";s:8044:"Sophie Reid Linkedin, Too Faced Peaches Cream White Peach Eyeshadow Palette Review, Astellas Logo Png, Im Blue - (sonic), Revlon Candid Glow Foundation Swatches, Mike Sullivan Business, Ge Additive Address, Lake Karachay Radiation Level, Millennials Behavior Characteristics, Golden Globes Ballot 2020, Shenmue 2 Pc, East Fremantle Football Club Membership, Did The Miners At Chernobyl Strip, Kohl's Charge Card For Employees, Call The Midwife Season 4 Episode 6 Full Cast, Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything, Love Nest Song, Woot Da Woot Meme, Vintage Dior Monogram Dress, Colgate Product Line, How To Write A Children's Book Uk, Aaron Craft Net Worth, Maggie Q Husband 2019, Padres Opening Day Tickets, Hearts Fc Forum, Channel 6 Schedule, Ramsay Macdonald Quotes, Onyx Shower Installation, Brandon Carlo Wife, ClearView Healthcare Partners Internship, Dallas Stars Logo 2020, Bryan Rust Jersey, Memphis Zoo Reopening, PGA Tour 2K21 Courses, F Is For Family Alice, Television Academy Address, Rootsweb Death Index, Samantha Eggar Movies, Fam Medical Clearances, Odds Of Winning Lotto 649, Most Conservative Ivy League, Barry Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Colourpop Jelly Much Foxes, Did You Do It?, Guerlain Heritage 50ml, Polo Grounds Center Field, Bin Time Store In Wade Hampton Blvd Sc, Rocky Mountain Emmy Silver Circle, Nick Bjugstad News, Brooks Running Shoes Reviews, Malcolm Macleod Obituary, Home Office Design Ideas 2020, 1959 Emmy Awards, Google Search Engine Wiki, Randy Martin Wikipedia, Perfume Importado Masculino, Urban Institute Address, Holden Gemini Car Parts, Passport Office Phone Number, Lee Morris Draft, Better Things Season 4 Finale, James Burgess Contract, Nestle Warehouse Mcdonough, Ga, Peabody Award-winning Tv Shows, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}