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Then there are veterans who get pickier as time goes on.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? So I just give away what I don’t use, or skip, or cancel. ), but I agree that some folks seem upset every month and that maybe subbing isn’t a great choice for their happiness and/or blood pressure!Lots of the samples we get have that little metal thing that shows it hasn’t been tampered with and that satisfies most to show it’s sanitary and uncompromised.Yes to the mask…….. and cream, and gel eyelinerI hope I receive or can add on the lipstick. Personally, I love the surprise. I think I’ll get both regular and plus and try to add on the bag from Ultimate.

But I never ever take Black off “Rarely” under eyeliner shades. Hahaha.The products I get usually match what I have on my profile. Even after cleansing my face multiple times and even toning, I still had gold glitter on my face. I choose to focus on the other products I get that I love and the overall value. What is it: Every month Ipsy sends out a cute makeup bag of samples and full size items. I’ve been to the Dead Sea Israel, and it’s a pretty opulent area surrounded by Bedouin tent villagesI love that lipstick shade!!

I use it all the time, I have a teenage daughter, and her best friend, so it’s definitely a staple around here. Of course I don’t love every item or bag, but the second I consider canceling or pausing my subscription…the next months spoilers suck me right back in!When you pick an item, it may throw you into a bag grouping that does not match your profile well.Sarah… I’m right there with you. I’m sure it’s much shorter.BAREMINERALS Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in CourageWith such information, I am not sure how I can support the people involved in this company.Remember, the things you say “no more” will not be the same opinion for new subscribers. I rate them poorly and I have even politely and respectfully contacted Ipsy several times and yet month after month… brown, gold, gray, taupe only.Tracy B, Usually women’s shelter will take them.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually upset or stressed about these things. I didn’t change my profile or anything; only change is that I cancelled and then came back. There is over 10 items i got in my ultimate bad that are not right.AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud MaskNone of these are really jumping out at me.

Maybe Ipsy is the only thing they buy or do for themselves each month. I like all of the spoilers, except the eye liner. #Logistics.The information you fill out is data that is collected by Ipsy to sell to the companies who place products in the box. February and March were both bummers. Unless there’s something really good for choice, I think I might just let the algorithm do it’s thing and get my first bag based solely on my profile.Speak for yourself but not for me please. Save for Later Notification. I’ve never looked back since!That is such a fantastic idea!! I am 59, have black eyeliner on today and I am ROCKIN it! FULL STOPIt is said that one of the first owners are still working and own ipsy, but they also brought on a guy that used to run walmart and that’s why we’ve seen the product selection go way down, trying to save and make ipsy way more money instead of listening to what people want.The bags look cute for ultimate. Just seems silly.I did write to ipsycare. Love Ipsy.I actually haven’t received a black pencil liner in some time. ?I know some people seem to take this stuff too seriously but you never know. I keep the Adventurous shades on “Often” at ALL times and Brown and Plum on “Sometimes.” And yet I have enough black pen/marker eyeliners to use a different one every week for probably a year. Anyway, I do find that almost regardless of the box (make up, home goods, clothes) I just get tired of it after a year or so.

I am on a search for the perfect foundation and too lazy to go to the makeup counter to be matched.Love the Plus & Ultimate bags for April fo sho. Seems glam bag gets better stuff then the other tiers.Hehe if you get it maybe we can trade of I don’t?! I understand there can be shipping issues but it does seem like this happens a lot! The official April 2020 IPSY Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate reveal. Not sure why they continue to ship through DHL, such a disaster and I’m also excited about my regular glam bag which shipped through FedEx so here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost!That Ahava gold mask is terrible! I’m super excited about my plus and add ons but it shipped on the 6th and hasn’t moved so I’m afraid it’s lost in the mail. Can I come to your Christmas? You can review your bag for points that you can trade in for reward items. Everyone is well aware that they can cancel and no one needs to remind or recommend that just because someone is venting. All unused but no way to prove it. I have enough browns and red to paint a mural it’s like hello !!!

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