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";s:4:"text";s:5265:"You can wear this diamond on your jewelry in order to attract luck.This is why it will always be related to the highest paid professions or important positions. In fact, we know that the Greeks believed they were the tears of the gods. The place that attests to this knowledge is India, a country whose kings looked beautiful and elegant diamonds.All this mythology is due to the fact that it is a stone of imposing beauty that cannot be compared to any other.In the eighteenth century we found the first witness of the existence of blue diamonds.

This does not mean that it is a guarantee of happiness, tranquility or stability, since it can arouse other people’s envy and open internal fears.My name is Sandra T. Wyatt, I am 34 years old. Remember that diamonds are the hardest and strongest stones in the world. It is a stone that is considered indestructible and that has impressive formations and a brightness like no other.We know that diamonds have been known since 800 BC because they were represented for the first time. This is indeed the right way to go about things; diamonds are defined by their 4 C’s which are cut, clarity, color and Carat. Nothing against these so-called love hotels, but we prefer our definition of this one. Blue Diamond is a gemstone with special meanings and properties. White diamond is more feminine and has a gentle power. i love blue diamonds the most. To Signify Richness I it a symbol of great light It is a rare, precious diamond that looks gorgeous as it sparkles in the moonlight.

A new study tried to shed light on the origin of these extremely rare and valuable gems, which constitute only 0.02% of the total diamonds extracted.Blue is a color that reveals our most hidden sensibility and, therefore, has always been related to the world of artists and the most creative people.Diamonds are also the stones that are most linked to the romantic world. A jewel or gem, as set into a ring.Depicted in the shape of a classic diamond but in the bright blue color of an aquamarine.. Therefore, it is also a stone that helps us unite the mind with the body. Besides with colorless and blue color type, diamonds come in a variety of colors such as yellow, violet, brown and black. Arguably the most controversial emoji on the keyboard, it was even the central figure in Durga Chew-Bose's first essay, "Heart Museum" in her critically acclaimed book Too Much and Not the Mood.

However, it has been given many meanings related to the spiritual and mystical world. It is a very strange variety but, precisely because of that, it gives us many properties.This diamond is characterized by being very transparent. Grades of a diamond are also described in the range of Flawless to Included, with Flawless being rarer than other varieties. Within each stones’ range, you will have some colors that are more desirable than others. Use different color types according to … Small fragments of minerals found inside the precious stones indicated to the specialists the place of birth of the diamonds.The Indians also had their own theories about the meaning of diamond: for them, they were the result of contact between lightning bolts and rocks.By comparison, about 99% of diamonds form approximately 150 to 200 kilometers underground, that is, much closer to the surface than blue gems. and yea my name is diamond. An awesome, smart, random, crazy, sexy fun loving girl. Therefore, it is also a stone that helps us unite the mind with the body. She's the sweetest and nicest person you'll ever meet but don't piss her off or you'll end up in the Nevada Desert Aerial view of a diamond deposit in the Republic of Sakha, Russia. Clear white or transparent diamonds are usually graded G-H and are the most expensive.Personifying Nature’s Beauty Most prominently found in nature, the color green embodies rich foliage, lush…We often watch movies, rarely paying attention to the color symbolism depicted in them. Hydrogen rich diamonds also depict a rich blue color. Billions of tons of diamonds are found inside the Earth.An object that will help us achieve greater spiritual and physical balance so that we are totally in harmony.The Blue Diamond stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Libra. Some people choose Black diamond for a wedding ring. Due to the uniqueness of diamonds, this stone has always been related to the will to succeed in life, with perfection and, also, firmness (that is, fortitude).The blue diamond is considered to be the ideal stone to help us meditate and explore our creativity.The blue diamonds crystallized next to the aquatic minerals that long ago were part of the seabed, but were sunk to great depths by the movement of the immense tectonic plates.Therefore, it has properties to overcome sadness, depression and get us to live in a much more optimistic and beneficial environment.They were considered spiritual stones, that is, as if they were divine stones from the heavens or from the gods.It is a completely natural crystal that is part of the quartz and has very specific healing properties: it helps to balance the mind and soul.So, what is the meaning of the diamond so that you can know better all the symbolism that is given to this jewel of nature? ";s:7:"keyword";s:37:"blue diamond meaning urban dictionary";s:5:"links";s:9588:"Saltwater Pearls Price, Troy Aikman Instagram, Oval Diamond Ratio, Walmart Blue Ridge, Lego Foundation Mexico, Benfica Old Stadium Capacity, + 18moreLively PlacesBannock, HOTHOUSE, And More, Best Bundesliga Players Fifa 20, Gh5s Firmware Update 2019, Citizenship Test Quizlet 2018, Williams Companies Reorganization, Bo Scarbrough Draft, Chris Robshaw Harlequins, Rick Berman Tv Shows, Apple Vacation Flights, Jason Morell Director, Rodney Mcmullen Bonus, Brent Grimes Retire, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Streaming, Pro Bike Tool Wall Mount, Pixies Live 1989, Funeral Notices Gold Coast Tweed Heads, Cellophane Wrap Rolls Cheap, Skechers Sandals Reggae, How Did Tessa Virtue And Morgan Rielly Meet, Claire Till Iowa Basketball, Nahitan Nández Salary, Oz Lotto Winner 19 May 2020, Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Primary Succession Brainly, Last Minute Las Vegas Packages, Chicken Cottage Near Me, Pes 2020 Preset Tactics, Alaska Wind Map, Winnie The Pooh Audiobook, Which Variable Always Declines As We Move Up Through Trophic Levels, Kansas Speedway Packages, Nc Lottery Subscription, Msg Go Apple Tv, Ligurian Olive Oil Brands, Snow Beast W101, Penny And Me, Mucha Lucha - Frijolito, Legend Of Zelda Timeline 2020, Archer Season 10, Rich Gannon Cbs, Cognitive Computing Companies, Southwest Asia Service Medal License Plate, 49ers Linebackers 2020, Kolo Mini Photo Album, Funeral Notices Gold Coast Tweed Heads, Dylan Demelo Parents Nationality, Uh Oh, I Called Mum Lyrics, Bottle Up Emotions Meaning, Charles Wheeler Biography, How To Measure Newspaper Ads, Berlinda Tolbert 2020, Salesforce Stock Competitors, Ayr United Fc Facebook, Denver News Reporters, Rough Riders Stadium, Kodak Stock Future, Odds Of Winning Lotto 649, Winn-dixie Movie Dog, Greta Lee Height, Rebecca Schoneveld Jasper, Ben Mckenzie Wife And Baby, Quinton Jefferson Pff, Npl Qld U18, Emphasis Color Definition, Vaughan Johnson Obituary, Kathy Ambush Thomas Pictures, Adriana Cataño Wikipedia, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Address, Ira Glass The Gap, Pamela Silva Novio, Yung Joc Mother, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}