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The pokemon bank seemed to be a way of saying they still care about the original premise only to take such a step back. I wanted to read some cool dex entries as well. The lack of National Dex is a problem for me because even though you can catch many non-Alolan Pokemon, such as those found in Ultra Space, there’s no reference for them. Ah well.This is my goal as well, and likewise it's why I don't care much about the National Dex anymore anyway.I was on the fence about USUM. ". For this series to come so far only to toss aside the original goal of the franchise honestly hurts me. I obviously want them all in the newest game so I can use them. Pokémon Living Pokédex guide - tips for a complete living dex in Gen 7's Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon A guide to catching and storing all 807 Pokémon using just Gens 6 and 7. I’m finally so close (650-some pokemon) all obtained entirely legitimately in all the various games and events, and in the final stretch I feel no motivation to continue. Also, switching a PokeDex to National Mode changes the numbers in the Pokemon’s summaries, making them easier to sort without looking it up in outside sources.If you are collecting them all then why does it matter if you have an in game dex? ... minus the new Pokemon and Ultra Beasts.

I grinded for it. Takes up like all but 5 boxes, which goes pretty fast if you go to breed anything or keep extra event legends.But it doesn't bother me enough to not play. I think it's weird that they've made plenty of non-Alola Pokemon available in Ultra without the National Pokedex to accompany them all.I'll take your ultra sun if you're putting it down, then (jk jk)I'll cry with joy if the National Dex returns for Gen VIII.What’s a living dex? Feels more complete.I agree that no National Dex bothers me a lot. I’m confused.I was pissed when Sun dropped the National Dex, but there were new species to collect so I just dealt with it and got my Living Dex back to current (801 I think).I mean, i play for that reason too but i dont feel tossed aside. I currently have my entire pokemon collection in ultra sun. Also, switching a PokeDex to National Mode changes the numbers in the Pokemon’s summaries, making them easier to sort without looking it up in outside sources. I'll wait for the Switch version and trade for what I'm missing, which should be easy because I have 3-5 of each and every legendary out there.The removal of the National Dex didn't hurt me as much as it did you, but yeah, it really sucks that they removed it and it still makes no sense to me. My real issue is that theyve stopped increasing in game boxes because of bank.

There is an overall Alola dex, but no National Pokédex. I organize them all in the PC in National dex order even obtaining all the different forms of each pokemon (down to gender differences if they exist).

Eg: If you have a Venusaur but need both Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, put Venusaur into To Breed, then one of the two hatched Bulbasaur into To Evolve: Level once it's hatched, so you can get Ivysaur.With a Harry Potter item mechanic.Catch every Pokémon you see along the way that you haven't already caught, but don't worry about catching every Pokémon in every patch of grass as you go, because it'll be faster to come back later with higher level, specialised Pokémon and items for catching.In brief, a Living Dex is not just a complete, National Pokédex of Pokémon caught - it's having a living version of all 806 currently-available Pokémon stored in your boxes or Pokémon Bank.Subscribe to The Eurogamer.net DailyOrganise them into their numbers in the labelled boxes above in the game you've decided to store them all in - the best bet is probably Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon seeing as they're the most recent, and you'll still be taking Pokémon in and out to breed and so on, so it's better to keep uncomplete boxes in-game rather than in Bank for now.The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time.

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