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";s:4:"text";s:4681:"Suigintou's the only doll that possesses wings, which she, in pure Suigintou style, haughtily displays. In the second part of the OVA, Tomoe agrees to take Nanami to hot springs but only for a day. Please know that cookies are required to operate and enhance our services as well as for advertising purposes. Despite her attitude, she also sports elevated status as the hard-working student council present as well.The silver hair that Allen sports speaks to both his personality and his circumstances. He finds himself hounded by his grandmother's underlings and, with the help of a 'cat' charm spirit, decides to free them from the Book's shackles, as well as protect the book from those who seek to misuse its power...Continuing on her quest to seduce Kouta, one day Chizuru decides to send the shy virgin a book filled with erotic photos of herself. In “modern” feudal times, the island reappears and one of the children escapes, seeking out Inuyasha to rescue them all from the Four War Gods. However, she quickly discovers that her bodyguard isn't just foxy; he might actually BE a fox. In fact, compared to other shounen heroes, much of the main cast in D.Gray Man is rather mellow.With Shiro translating to “white” in Japanese, Shiro’s color of hair checks out. White is the color of innocence, a trait that most of these popular anime girls with white hair, grey hair, and silver hair portray in beautiful ways!. Whether it be cooking, cleaning, or special service... she'll heal his exhaustion with her tender "care".Ayakashi Kan is a haunted condominium where every resident is required to have a bodyguard. Along the way they make many enemies and friends, and travel between the modern and feudal eras.After losing her grandfather, Aoi—a girl who can see spirits known as ayakashi—is suddenly approached by an ogre. They are energetic and […] Simultaneously cheered on and kept in line by Keiko Yukimura, his childhood friend, he is joined by a spiritually aware human, two demons on parole, and guided by a much too lively ferry girl of the dead.

He is often very ominous in his laid-back demeanor compared to other characters in such as way that you can’t quite tell what he is thinking.While seeing silver hair to many viewers in other non-anime shows may mean a character is old, typically if you spot a silver fox in anime, they are anything but. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. However, this balanced behavior is often elevated to a level of sophistication as well. In essence, she is the perfect shade of gray.Togame wasn’t always sporting this hair color. He was trained by General Cross and has his special eye in conjunction with his Innocence. He is also presented as above other characters because of his family and his background as well.

In many cases, a green-haired character is how you want to imagine yourself. While there Doumeki found various old artifacts such as books and charms, plus a mysterious girl acting strangely since her grandmother died a month ago. When designed, it was likely that they wanted her to be a fun character while making her appear pure or magical in both her cloths and her color of hair.As an android, Isla’s silver hair is particularly fitting. However, while he can get passionate about things, particularly when around Black Star, he actually is a fairly composed character.

So we created a list for you of 31 white hair anime characters. Now the gang has to find a way to wake her up.Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database.Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meetother anime fans just like you.Sometimes the cure to a hard day’s work is the tender love and care of… a fox girl?! Can Inuyasha master Sou’unga and hold back Sesshoumaru, or will the evil spirit of the blade be his master?Kagome was just a normal girl, until one day she fell into a well that brought her to feudal-era Japan. However, not everything is going magically well. Ever since Allen was young, he was intertwined with Akuma for various family reasons.

Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database.

But things get hectic and possibly dangerous for Natsume when he finds out that he also inherited the 'Book of Friends', a book that contains the names of all the spirits Reiko defeated and subjugated. The visual search engine for all animated characters. Anime Quotes However, it also attests to her attitude.
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