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Glass does matter.The image, captured by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, shows two gas giants orbiting a 17-million-year-old star.It is about shorter flange distance ( no mirror ) making it easy to have lens options for any mount.I'm editing our look at Nikon ProRes Raw right now. Ignore the link lingodingo keeps posting all the time. The Arri Alexa has the worst AF possible....which is no AF at all...and yet is one of the finest video cameras around.I'd pay alot!

Of course, maybe the authors are not very strict with the rating and just wanted to say that the Panasonic has "extremely good build quality". Like Jordan said, it will unlikely be picked up by an external mic.So, when the camera is recording a long video take, that fan makes enough noise to be heard by a nearby / hotshoe mounted external microphone, according to Jordan’s video. August 2016, OEHHA adopted new regulations, to go into effect on August 30, 2018, which changes the information that is required in or on Proposition 65 warnings. I was always mentioning both Canon and Nikon. ( Sony IBIS can't produce smooth camera movement when shooting handheld video )I'll try to track down all those typos and fix them.

But now that's it's here, what is it really like to use? ( I'm expecting a NAB 2020 release time-frame for external RAW recording )Photoshop for iPad is getting two of its most-requested features: the Refine Edge Brush and the ability to rotate the canvas with a pinch and twist.Given that this is Panasonic's first Full Frame video oriented hybrid camera, and that there is NOTHING on the market with the same feature set, what camera would you choose over the S1H ??

What do we think so far?

Props to Panasonic.The six lenses, which are nearly identical in specs to their FE, RF and Z mount versions, include one wide-angle zoom, two wide-angle primes and three macro lenses.Finally, I can afford to make content for Netflix with this thing. There was no malice in intent in (most - i.e. Now we tolerate it?Built-in microphones should not be mentioned in the same sentence (paragraph) as good quality sound. Please read this as constructive criticism and thx a lot for this and other reviews.The S1H is without a doubt the best mirrorless video camera I've ever used. I watched video quality and it is good but is it 4 times better compared to others for $1K..?it's because there isnt a grading scale, and I agree, AF should be graded MUCH higher. (What I write on all your videos as lost Kuma)I rented a s1h for 4 days, and plan to buy one soon (hoping the r5 and xt4 will drop the price so waiting). Price is set for enthusiasts. (Saying this all audio aside)Should the Sony A7iii be denied gold because its stabilisation is worse and it doesn't have 10bit, anamorphic, 6K, 4K60p etc.? The S1H may be seen as a large-sensor GH5S, however it’s not merely the case that the larger digital camera provides you higher high quality. Ergonomic MF is very important for this and sometimes maybe scripted focusing, if it can be fine tuned enough.The GF 30mm F3.5 R WR is a wide angle prime lens for Fujifilm's medium format GFX system, equivalent to 24mm on full frame. How about maybe Panasonic built this camera better than the Canons you mention.

This camera, after all is aimed at the videographerIt is about heavier cameras being better to use for video - you need some heft to get smooth shots.There will come a time ( not long now ) before I will simply grab a high MP still file from a 6k or 8k video but still shooting remains important - not irrelevant.Clearly DPR is able to get great results from the camera because they elected to use one for their own video work.- IBIS Performance : Panasonic IBIS has changed the way I shoot because I can produce smooth handheld movement that previously required more stability gear.

This is most certainly not for me but I'm glad it exists and I think it's neat to learn about.Thanks, but where can we found it?No "studio" image quality results? For L-mount currently already more than 20, and probably around 42 until the end of 2020.The lowest priced Blackmagic camera to be certified is the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2.A Panasonic never had that reputation (nor where they priced in the same range of course), so that's why I'm surprised that not only did they come close to the D5/1Dx build quality, they even surpassed it...!Personally, I dread the prospect of the amounts of data that ProRes RAW entails (and the loss of portability that comes from using an external recorder). Panasonic is going to have to go another route if they want to match the speed of Canon or Sony C-AF.We've updated our initial EOS R6 sample gallery with a handful of Raw conversion. Stay tuned!I believe there are three fan modes, so depending on how long you're recording for and in what codecs, the fan may never be an issue. (Saying this all audio aside)That's the Initial Thoughts page, written when the camera was first launched. It doesn't waste many words and flows exceptionally well.Raw is also to video what raw is to stills - some cameras shoot video as a series of raws.

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