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Hyakutake appeared very bright in the night sky and was widely seen around the world.

The system uses the year of the comet’s discovery, the half-month in the year denoted by a letter A through Y (with I omitted to avoid confusion), and a number signifying the order in which the comet was found within that half-month. However while comets have been observed for thousands of years it is very difficult to state with certainty whether a long period comet observed today could be one we have seen before.As far as the longest period comets go, the current leaders are Comet Hyakutake with an orbital period of 70,000 years, Comet C/2006 P1 with an orbital period of about 92,000 years and Comet West with an orbital period of about 250,000 years. But astronomers who tried to simulate that process on computers found that it was very inefficient and likely could not supply new short-period comets fast……with the known orbits of long-period comets, which showed no concentration of comets that would have formed at that distance or in that direction. In 1996 American… Long period comets are comets that have orbits of high eccentricity, usually resembling the shape of a parabola. Periodic comets (also known as short-period comets) are comets with orbital periods of less than 200 years or that have been observed during more than a single perihelion passage (e.g. Kuiper’s hypothesized comet belt beyond Neptune fit this requirement.…\r\n Access the world’s original book of answers. Finally, van Woerkom showed that Jupiter would eventually eject all the long-period comets to interstellar space over a time span of about one million years. Unlike the Earth and other celestial bodies that take circular or elliptical orbits, these comets that have periods over two hundred years seem to make parabolic paths. It was dubbed The Great Comet of 1996; its passage near the Earth was one of the closest cometary approaches of the previous 200 years.
Short-period comets complete their orbits in less than 200 years and so likely have been observed before; they generally approach along the plane of the solar system, near which lie the orbits……up to about 35°, whereas long-period comets have completely random orbital inclinations from 0° to 180°. Other articles where Long-period comet is discussed: comet: Dynamics: …than 200 years and the long-period comets with orbital periods longer than 200 years.

The following list is of comets with very long orbital periods, defined as between 200 and … This process is by no means accurate as interactions with other Solar System bodies and loss of mass due to evaporation of volatile materials can all alter the orbital properties of comets. As far as the longest period comets go, the current leaders are Comet Hyakutake with an orbital period of 70,000 years, Comet C/2006 P1 with an orbital period of about 92,000 years and Comet West with an orbital period of about 250,000 years. …the nucleus is large for long-period and Halley-type comets, which have made relatively few approaches close to the Sun, and very low, typically only a few percent, for short-period, Jupiter-family comets, which have made hundreds of returns, on average.But some orbit solutions for long-period comets suggested that they were slightly hyperbolic, suggesting that they came from interstellar space. Thus, Halley’s……denotes that it is a long-period comet (period greater than 200 years), while “P/” denotes that the comet is periodic; i.e., it returns at regular, predictable intervals of fewer than 200 years. Image credit: NASAConsequently scientists have to map the trajectory of a comet and extend it to estimate its period.
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