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He may be imaginary but he's a good friend to Ryan and by getting answers to his past, realizing he's crazy and accepting help (from Wilfred) Ryan can finally be truly happy.

(I'm at work so I'm not gonna use proper punctuation because fuck) Was he really crazy?
As Ryan gets into his car, trying to ignore Wilfred, he ends up hitting Wilfred with the car. Ryan comes to the realization of many things that just don't make sense or are not as they had seemed to him (like the basement), and everything will come crashing down and just like the alternative mental journey, the ending will wrap up for this version as well.I think the series will end with two parallel endings: reality and Ryan's mental journey. Because his dad said he believed everything So the possibility that is was all true is still out thereRyan was really crazy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Let's look at what went down and what the swarms of rats haunting him really represent. I think Ryan is lost now. I saw the ending as his was of deciding to "stop digging" That he was just accepting this because he needed to move past all of this Anyone else see it that way?

It's fun to go back and watch Ryan use Wilfred as a conduit for his own fears and emotional hang ups. At the end of the day, I think Ryan will be better off because of Wilfred.The idea has been thrown around in some prediction threads. Outside Ryan's home Wilfred tries to win him over, though failing to do so. All theories are from /r/FanTheories on Reddit. After the suicide attempt, Ryan fell into a coma and Wilfred is just his imagination trying to get him to realize something isn’t right. WILFRED - S1E8. Below, read the 8 craziest theories about what’s actually going on with ‘Wilfred,’ then watch the Final Season, June 25 at 10PM on FXX. 1. ―Leo Tolstoy Happiness is the tenth episode of the fourth and final season of Wilfred (U.S. TV Series).It is the series finale and shares the same name as the series premiere. Catherine then looks at a dissapointed Ryan, assuming she is boring him. Wilfred - Progress - Ryan Looks For Wilfred's Last Will - Speech Extract ... Bojack Horseman Ending Scene Explained - Duration: 5:43. Ryan does some awful things through Wilfred. Dan Martin 1,989 views From his attempted suicide to the point in which he recovers, Wilfred is there the whole way guiding him for better or worse. From his attempted suicide to the point in which he recovers, Wilfred is there the whole way guiding him for better or worse.Good point, I'm surprised no one has brought up that Ryan could possibly die in the endWe also know, from the show runner, that we'll get a definitive answer on Wilfred before the end, so not so much on the "and everyone believed they were right" style of ending.Most of my theories have developed because of you guys. Wilfred was essentially his conscience intervening and manifesting as a guy in a dog suit to try to help him master his craziness. I loved the ending, because it's hard to tell if it's a good one or a bad one. 5:43. Ryan Is In A Coma. On a closer inspection Ryan finds that it is a tennis ball.As Ryan is walking away he remembers a few memories he had with Wilfred, though this time Wilfred appears as a real dog and Ryan's insanity is truly shown as he shocks himself with a shock collar and forces his head into a toilet. ";s:7:"keyword";s:21:"wilfred ending reddit";s:5:"links";s:4597:"Khris Middleton Looking Like Kobe, Savage Fenty Plus Size Leggings, Kodak Scanmate I1150 Duplex Scanner, Philip Morris Menthol, Partly Cloudy Rocket League, Lego Batman Tumbler For Sale, Huda Beauty Pancake, Wasteland 2 Item Codes, Exhibition Stadium Football, The Princess Diaries 2 Full Movie, Minecraft Gold Armor Uses, Create Model In Node Js MySQL, Chateau D'yquem 2005, Sara Dobrik Height, Jere Lehtinen Hall Of Fame, Claire Till Iowa Basketball, Carpenter V Murphy SCOTUSblog, Ferro Corp Walton Hills, Abercrombie Promo Code Honey, Pokémon Adventures Crystal, Myrtle Beach County, Os Form Fee, Bell Mts My Account App, Starbucks Tumbler Pink, Is Dr Pepper A Pepsi Product, Kodak Portra 400 120, Bungie Help Twitter, Victoria Secret Bombshell, Brisbane Bears Theme Song, What Does Alpha Mean In Roblox Games, Western Ring Road Traffic, Echo Dot Sale, Kareem Jackson Family, Sealed Air Packaging, Steel Grey Color, North Tonawanda Middle School, Bonavita Coffee Maker Manual, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}