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They need only assert power. You must organize the Peace of the World; you must subdue yourselves to the Federation of all mankind. We must unite in the task of creating an instrument of steel, strong but supple, if we are to triumph finally in the war for human emancipation. The way in which men and women range themselves in this controversy is more simply and directly indicative of their general intellectual quality than any other single indication. They are based on the belief that we must seek individual and racial health not by great political or social reconstruction, but, turning to a recognition of our own inherent powers and development, by the release of our inner energies. It forces upon the individual consciousness the question of the standards of living.
For in all problems affecting the welfare of a biological species, and particularly in all problems of human welfare, two fundamental forces work against each other. It is just as important to give sex love its place as to avoid its over-emphasis. "It is, indeed, more than likely that the presence of this impairment in a mitigated form is responsible for no little of the defective character, the diminution of mental and moral fiber at the present day," states Dr. Not only does history show the destinies of nations and dynasties determined by its sway—but here in our every-day life we see its influence, direct or indirect, forceful and ubiquitous beyond aught else. No, I don't go nowheres, just to the mill and then home. The Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger would deeply influence America’s infamous sterilization laws. "No religion, no physical or moral code," wrote the clear-sighted George Drysdale, "proposed by one sex for the other, can be really suitable.
Human faculties are used in such a way as to frustrate the natural end for which these faculties were created. Some of these children, it seems, wanted to attend school, but their fathers did not want to work; so the children were forced to become bread-winners. We are not to be lectured, guided and molded this way or that. It coordinates heredity and environment. Advocates of Birth Control offer and accept no such superficial solution. Free, rational and self-ruling personality would then take the place of self-made slaves, who are the victims both of external constraints and the playthings of the uncontrolled forces of their own instincts.In looking forward to this radiant release of the inner energies of a regenerated humanity, I am not thinking merely of inventions and discoveries and the application of these to the perfecting of the external and mechanical details of social life. Publication date [c1922] Topics Birth control Publisher New York Brentano's Collection robarts; toronto Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor Robarts - University of Toronto Language English. But even so, such a policy is bound in the long run to defeat itself, as the decline and fall of great civilizations of the past emphatically indicate. To-day we witness the creation of a new "welfare" or social economics, based on a fuller and more complete knowledge of the human race, upon a recognition of sex as well as of hunger; in brief, of physiological instincts and psychological demands. exclaimed one of these women. Irrespective of other considerations, children who are underfed, undernourished, crowded into badly ventilated and unsanitary homes and chronically hungry cannot be expected to attain the mental development of children upon whom every advantage of intelligent and scientific care is bestowed. "The American Birth Control League also proposes to hold an annual Conference to bring together the workers of the various departments so that each worker may realize the inter-relationship of all the various phases of the problem to the end that National education will tend to encourage and develop the powers of self-direction, self-reliance, and independence in the individuals of the community instead of dependence for relief upon public or private charities.The United States is the most illiterate country in the world—that is, of the so-called civilized countries. Nor do we believe that the community could or should send to the lethal chamber the defective progeny resulting from irresponsible and unintelligent breeding.Lack of insight into fundamental truths of human nature is evident throughout the writings of the Marxians. The case was dismissed the following morning. The next day she got up and ironed.

Almost simultaneously in England and America, two incidents have broken through the prejudice and the guarded silence of centuries.
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