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Useful for lines that may need adjustment. When tying the Midshipman's the second wrap forms an intermediate "Awning Hitch" which takes any strain on the rope while tying the final Half Hitch.

Midshipmans Hitch Or Tautline Hitch . Tree climbing; When used in combination with a micro (or regular) pulley helps in slack tending the line. Tautline Hitch. The Midshipman's Hitch is similar to the The Tautline Hitch but has one important difference and benefit. The Taut Line Hitch also known as the Midshipman’s Hitch (there is a slight variation) is often used when a line needs to be adjusted and tensioned.

… It is also easy to untie even when under heavy loading. This hitch is really just an adjustable loop used for non-critical applications where you need to adjust the size of a loop to apply tension to guy lines, like on your tent. This gives you an easily tensioned and tied off pulley system.First, try with more 'coils', when you tie the taut-line hitch; every coil adds some friction.So what kind of hitch is a good substitute for achieving the same goal with modern ropes?A taut-line hitch is used to tying tent ropes to a stake. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader.A Farrimond Friction Hitch, by default, is also a slipknot, so it's easier to untie than the taut-line hitch.An addition to my answer:Also note, that both of the above hitches 'only' work when there is no or little friction between the rope and the pole you are tying around. Is a taut line hitch strong enough or do I need to use another knot? This knot can be slipped to tighten or loosen a line, then holds fast under load. It allows smoother movements when tied by the split tail method. Thereby the tension on the line can be loosened or tightened accordingly. Many a bushcrafter will use the Taut Line Hitch when it is not too windy and often revert to the Truckers or Truckies Hitch when the wind becomes excessive. And again here, if your rope is slippery, wet or stiff, add some more loops/coils, and make sure you 'dress' the hitch so it's good and tight.Hard to explain with words, so here's a pictureIt's slightly slower to adjust than a midshipman's hitch but it also holds better under load.A major advantage of the Farrimond Friction Hitch (over the midshipman's/taut-line hitch) is that it can be done on a bight, whereas the midshipman's/taut-line can only be done when the rope end is available.The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who love being outdoors enjoying nature and wilderness, and learning about the required skills and equipment. The main advantage is that once this hitch has been properly tied and dress, the tension can be increased or the line slackened just by moving the knot.Every effort has been made to ensure that the knots shown are correct. Midshipman’s hitch Step 1. The loop around the pole must be able to slide, since the hitch really only bites down on the standing end, when there is a pull on the part of the loop that is opposite to the standing end.Try a sheep shank to create a loop, then run round the peg and tie off.

This is a remarkably useful knot. It is adjustable AND trustworthy. The completed Midshipman's Hitch is also more secure than the Tautline.

The Tautline Hitch is essentially a Rolling Hitch tied on the standing part of a tight line after it has been secured around a object. A taut-line hitch is used to tying tent ropes to a stake. This became known as a Taut-Line Hitch and was taught exactly this way in early versions of the Boy Scouts of America Handbooks. Valdotain Tresse – Does not lock on you, a weakness that the Blake’s suffers from, at times. Once the Taut Line Hitch has been tied, it is very easy to adjust the tension on the line by moving the hitch up and down the line. Blake’s Hitch v/s Other Knots.

Read this post in conjunction with this one showing the Evenk knot and this one showing the taut line hitch, both of which I use to put up my tarp.

However, the ideal choice of rope for this hitch is hemp rope, as modern ropes are known to slide under this hitch. Midshipman's Hitch or Tautline Hitch. Each sailor should know how to tye this knot in any circumstance. Taut line hitch – Not preferred by many as it is more prone to binding. Uses. Especially to tye himself to a rescue rope thrown to him in the water.

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