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off your bean This is when a person, is mentally unstable and/or under influence of alcohol.

ex. 100% or $100 Used in reference to money or keeping it 100% upfront and real with someone Also see "Keep it a Bean" Beaned definition, the edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family, especially of the genus Phaseolus. Top Definition makadoodle. bean counter: [noun] a person involved in the finances of an organization - e.g. Who turns out to be another OFF. Can be used in the same sense as 'off the hook' or 'off the heezay', or as 'fucked up'.

Why you wearing cycling shorts mum, you're off your bean. Sue: "I'm gonna go home, Eat some cake, Have a cry and flick the bean" This colloquial term and its antonym, on the beam, meaning "on the right track," allude to directing aircraft by means of radio beams.

One Hundred. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. See more. Top definition Off the bean drugs When you are acting goofy while under the influence of any drug (specifically marijuana) "Yoooo Gio twisted his ankle trying to hurdle because he was off the bean." This number is so large, it cannot be written down, and consists of more whole numbers than digits of pi A Makadoodle is a number you get by doing the following: go ahead and count the stars. Any of various twining herbs of the genus Phaseolus in the pea family, native to the Americas, having leaves with three leaflets and variously colored flowers, and widely cultivated for their edible pods and seeds.

A 40 year old lesbo from Austrailia. "Wow, did you see Offbeat perform at the NAC? off the beam Off course, on the wrong track, as in He's way off the beam with that argument. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. 28 votes. Share it. Luckily, like language, the internet is stubbornly resistant to stasis.

May be used in identical good sense as 'off the hook' or 'off the heezay', or as 'fucked up'. when high your off xanax. The group is made up of high school students and uses all kinds of random items to make music. molly, perc popped a perc im flying off a bean b. Get a off a bar mug for your cat Günter. bean: an Ecstasy (MDMA) pill or tablet. Mildly derogatory, this term implies that the person is concerned only with financial figures and not the larger concerns of the organization. At its best, Urban Dictionary crystallized that proficiency. It let the cultivators of the most forward-looking expressions of language speak for themselves. 2. A musical percussion group originally based off of STOMP. Slang is often understood as a less serious form of literacy, as deficient or lacking. A seed or pod of any of these plants. used as a term of endearment, a bean is an adorable individual, usually smol and in need of many a cheek pinch and playful giggle Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots is such a cute lil bean! off a bean under the influence of prescription drugs in pill form. How we casually convey meaning is a direct reflection of our geography, our networks, our worldviews. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries.Urban Dictionary's abandonment of that edict afforded it a rebel spirit. 3 definition by Sml Bean. Can sometimes be related to embarressing and cringey parents. Yes. all of them. Urban Dictionary said otherwise.

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