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When to use it’s or its can be confusing. It may be evolving as social norms about what defines a romantic partnership change, but typically both halves of a committed couple expect that their partner will remain not only monogamous, but also emotionally attached to only them. While some possessive individuals may try to control every aspect of their partner's life, other possessive individuals may only show mild jealousy. Possessive partners may also disrespect your career or academic choices. Many people have trouble distinguishing between possessive nouns and plural nouns. In some cases, possessive people might also self-injure, threaten suicide or engage in other self-destructive behaviors if you show interest in friends, family, hobbies, work or school. I think it should be clear that the appropriate pronoun would be "me"; and the possessive form of that (as object) is 'my'. Possessive individuals may make negative comments toward you or about ex-partners. Possessive Pronouns. Possessive partners may also disrespect your career or academic choices.Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty ImagesPossessive relationships vary in severity. Along with this, he may accuse you of cheating or be suspicious of innocent behaviors such as sending an email or a text message. This might take the form of name-calling, rudeness, sarcasm or critical remarks.

Oddly enough, the one which sounds the most natural to me (and which I hear most often in natural speech, is the last: "me and my brother's." My hypothesis is that this is used to avoid the issue with the first-person possessive form, but that could very well be wrong.I think you can see the obvious problem.What is the proper way to possessivize coordinated first-/third-person subjects?Joe's and my brother's cat ran away.Neither "me's" nor "I's" is correct; therefore, the compound possessives formed with them are incorrect as well.The cat which belongs to my brother and me ran away.implies that there are two cats.English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Likewise, he may try to forbid you from seeking employment, choosing your own clothing, cutting your hair or making other basic day-to-day decisions. Possessive individuals may make negative comments toward you or about ex-partners. However, all pronouns define a possessive relationship by adding an s to the word. Most often, pronouns with apostrophes are contractions. Probably the best form would "Mine and my wife's collaboration dinner."
Note that individual ownership is marked by a double possessive: Courtney's and Mem's grade point averages. The plural form of the noun wife is wives.The plural possessive form is wives'.Example: Both of our wives' birthdays are this week.
However, spotting a possessive relationship is not always easy. You have no right to be so controlling and I find it commendable that you have identified this as a problem.

Your own well-being is at stake if your partner is the possessive type. Explanation on the formation and use of possessives for learners of English, with online exercises.

In other words, a manipulative partner may go to great lengths to ensure that you spend most of your time with him.A possessive person often expresses jealousy.

In some cases, the possessive individual’s goal is to make you feel worthless and incapable of finding another relationship by damaging your self-esteem.
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