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";s:4:"text";s:4920:"Buzz takes off in a rocket ship that blasts through the roof of the warehouse en route to the Guardstar satellite. 7.The X-Men Adventure. They awaken inside of a cell. agent who secretly controlled Lightwave into committing robberies of a device that would enable him to control a satellite called the GUARDSTAR. The two fly out and ambush a military convoy transporting the final piece they require. When Spidey and Firestar confront him on the matter, he confesses that Lightwave is his half-sister.They break inside and fight up against Buzz and Aurora again. Spider-Man webs Buzz Mason to the console of the rocket and they bring him back to Earth.They are taken back to the warehouse where the villain attempts to use his light display to take control of Spider-Man and Firestar's minds. History. Mason flies off in a rocket to take control of the Guardstar whilst in orbit, as the Spider-Friends stow away on board. “I can shoot my rays a very long way, but not up into space.”Helper(s): Wikipedia, Adam Fuqua, Darci, Mike Davis.Pretending to also be brainwashed, Iceman learned how his sister was being controlled. Spider-Man and Firestar were knocked unconscious while attempting to stop the siblings from robbing a military convoy. They were taken back to Mason’s hidden base.Aurora and Bobby have a typical sibling rival relationship. They often challenge each other. Even when at odds they have a deep love for one another. It was this love that allowed Aurora to break Mason’s mind control just when she needed to most.Lightwave has the ability to manipulate and control light in various ways. She can fire very accurate, concentrated, laser beams from her hands or forehead. She can also trap targets in solid photon force bubbles.Three Spidey-stow-aways arrived to ruin their celebration. Firestar was useless in zero-gravity and quickly fell unconscious. Spider-Man was pinned down by Lightwave and Mason launched Iceman into space! Spider-Man pleaded with Lightwave to save her brother.She can also manipulate technology with a touch of her light based energy. Transforming her body completely into energy, she can survive the vacuum of space.Lightwave is a young woman who wears a yellow and sky blue costume with yellow face mask. Her hair is worn back in a pony-tail. In her civilian life she wears her hair in the same style.“The name is Lightwave, fireplug, remember it !”In truth, Lightwave had been brain-washed by rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. 4.Attack of the Arachnoid. The Spider-Friends latch onto the side. During the ensuing battle, Mason commands Lightwave to defeat Spider-Man and Firestar as Iceman is pushed into space. You can also buy, rent Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online. agent Buzz Mason. Mason wanted control of a new satellite system called the Guardstar. The Guardstar, once in place, would control all of the nation’s defense and communication systems. In Mason’s mind, enough control to conquer the Earth!The brainwashed Lightwave had the ability to interface with this satellite and control the entire system. However, her power’s range proved to be too short.Iceman was Lightwave’s brother and so, when the Spider-friends got involved. He took it upon himself to find out what was going on with her.Iceman revealed his duplicity when Agent Mason tried to brainwash his friends. The trio were unsuccessful in another attempt to defeat Mason and Lightwave. Mason had to flee without his enhancer.As a measure to keep track of Spider-Man and Firestar, Mason contacted the heroes and recruited them. He asked for their help in finding and defeating Lightwave.Lightwave is adept at dodging attacks. Though small, she can smash through barriers by flying through them.Lightwave though conflicted pushed through Mason’s mind-control! She found the courage to turn her power on agent Mason, brought him to justice and saved her brother.His quantum enhancer lost, Mason had to come up with a new plan. He and Lightwave took a ride on a NASA space shuttle. In space, Lightwave would be close enough to use her power on the Guardstar Satellite. She transformed into light, flew around the satellite. When she returned the Guardstar was in her control.AdνеrtisеmеntUnder Agent Mason’s orders, Lightwave broke into military facilities and stole parts to build a quantum enhancer. This machine would amplify her power a thousand fold allowing her to control the Guardstar from Earth.Aurora is the younger sister to Bobby Drake, they share the same mother. When her mission takes her near an amusement park she can’t help but stop by a carousel just to visit her favorite horse “Whinney”. 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