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";s:4:"text";s:4694:"Six (6) Large Stumps respawn daily in the Secret Woods, making it possible to … Fences will disappear entirely if left in a damaged state for too long. Type the name of an item into … Note that processing times are approximate, since time passes differently while awake than while asleep. But how about hardwood? One to 10 Wood can be produced in a Woodskip Fish Pond, depending on the population of the pond. Hardwood Keg Sparkling Beverages Apples, Apple Cider, Cassava, Ginger, Grape, Malts, Pear, Wheat, Wild Plum Fermented Dairy Drinks Milks, Yogurt Ice Cream Machine Ice Creams Milk and other ingredients Infuser Schnapps Fruit, Mint Leaves Juicer Fruit Juices Fruit Exotic Mayonnaise Machine Exotic Mayonnaises Eggs and other ingredients Smoker Is that some kind of special resource, which can be obtained in very special circumstances? All Rights Reserved.This is the list of the items, which include hardwood in their recipes:Hardwood has a meaning in its name and yes, this wood is very strong. The crafting screen may expand to multiple pages once the player acquires a larger selection of recipes.Fences block players, farm animals, and the spread of grass. A shortcut to replacing a damaged fence (other than hitting it with a tool and then replacing it) is to "use" the broken fence while a new fence is equipped in inventory. At least 12 hardwood daily is possible just by heading to the Secret woods. Visiting the mines – The Mines in Stardew Valley is very dangerous place to roam through, but you will find many breakable barrels and boxes, which has a chance of containing hardwood. Hardwood Keg: Apple, Apple Cider, Cassava, Ginger, Grape, Malts, Pear, Wheat, Wild Plum Sparkling Beverages Milks, Yogurt Fermented Dairy Beverages Ice Cream Machine: Milk and other ingredients Ice Creams Infuser: Mint Leaves, Fruit Schnapps Juicer: Fruit Fruit Juices Exotic Mayonnaise Machine: Eggs and other ingredients Exotic Mayonnaises Smoker: Fish When freshly placed, they'll drop the item when demolished. So, let’s get to work!So, now the last question is how to obtain hardwood? The rest produce 1 each.To craft an item, click on the item's icon once you have all the required ingredients. Ingredient names written in red text are not currently in the player's inventory.Note: Each craft of Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro produces 5 fertilizer. It lasts for 558 to 562 days. But remember to be careful and prepare to defend yourself, as there are many slimes, which will instantly attack you.These are pretty much all of the most important ways where hardwood can be used. Felling a normal-sized tree will give you between 13 and 17 wood, depending on daily Luck. It can also be purchased from the Casino for 100 (= 1,000g). The player knows eight crafting recipes at the start of the game, and must learn all others by gaining skills, developing friendships with townsfolk, and purchasing the rest from shops. Your spouse may fix some broken-state fences daily before you leave the house.This is the range of tiles each sprinkler can water:Bombs are one time use items which cause an explosion, damaging certain objects within their radius. The Hardwood Fence is a craftable item that allows players to block off certain areas of The Farm. The newly crafted item will appear beneath the player's cursor, and the player can then place it inside their inventory. The cheat codes in this list are for the latest version of Stardew Valley on all platforms including PC/Mac (Steam), PS4, XBOX One and the Nintendo Switch. Choosing a lumberjack profession – once you reach level 10 in … Ninety-nine wood can also be received as a gift from Robin at the Feast of the Winter Star. See Notes below. Similar to but separate from Cooking, each recipe lists a set of ingredient items that are consumed in each crafting action. As with furnaces and all other equipment, the artisan good must be collected from the device before it can be used again.Fences will decay over time. Crafting is the activity of creating a new item as specified by a crafting recipe. Each craft of Quality Retaining Soil produces 2 fertilizer. The different fence types differ only in appearance and durability.Note: Growing seasonal wild seeds will often destroy the tilled soil (and fertilizer), leaving untilled soil in their place after harvest. Otherwise they'll not drop an item, and will eventually become visibly damaged. Well, see for yourself! So, hardwood is commonly used in rarer, special crafting recipes.Let‘s take a look at all the ways where hardwood could be used and how to get that precious resource.Hardwood is a necessary resource and you will have to obtain it sooner or later. 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