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Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster – 1957. [5,6] (Source: Wikimedia Commons) The Kyshtym accident took place on September 29, 1957 and is named after the center of population in which the accident took place.

At the outset, it seemed as if the whole idea of building the tanks was to stop the waste from ending up in the waters.After fighting alongside the U.S. and Europe against Hitler and the Axis powers in the Second World War, the U.S.S.R. leadership quickly realized that the West had no intention to, in any way, prolong the relationship and hastened to file for divorce.The final death toll of the Kyshtym Disaster can never be known; however, a number of independent sources claim that fatalities must have been upwards of 10,000. 1). Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 Facts & Death Toll Saving Earth Encyclopedia Britannica. Only about 10% of the products were released into the air; about 90% deposited into the vicinity of the waste storage facility. The authorities paid no heed to the environmental aspect of the plant, paving the way for the future disaster.In 1953, Soviet officials decided to undertake special safety measures to contain the tons of waste produced by the plant. The truth only came out when the USSR collapsed in 1990.Nuclear fission was a sensitive subject in the Soviet Union during the Cold War years – to the point where Russia’s Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and the closed town of Ozyorsk that was built around it in the Ural Mountains didn’t even feature on maps. The Kyshtym accident took place on September 29, 1957 and is named after the center of population in which the accident took place. Nowhere was this more evident than at Mayak, where ignorance about proper safety procedures was coupled with gross environmental negligence – highly toxic radioactive waste initially being dumped straight into the nearby river. Not by the explosion and the initial exposure alone, but due to a long period of toxic poisoning, both prior to and for decades after the event. To keep the temperature under control, additional coolers were built around the banks. When one of the cooling systems failed in September 1957, the temperature in one bank of tanks rose rapidly and the waste within exploded.

Thus, the Kyshtym disaster also tells a story about the Cold War’s occasional absurdities—the CIA actually helped the Soviet Union keep its first nuclear catastrophe a secret until 1989. [4] The contamination of the regions resulted in the displacement of thousands of people: About 600 people in the first 7-10 days following the accident, then 6,480 people during the following year, then 3,100 people moved out of their homes in the second year. This is the responsibility of the government to set regulation in order to standardize procedures after an accident, and most importantly try to prevent one from occurring.According the Norman, the radioactive contamination that occurred in this accident was due to Soviet carelessness coupled with general disregard for citizenry and the environment. The city of Kyshtym (55°42’N 60°34’E) is located on the east side of the Ural Mountains on the railroad linking the industrial cities of Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk (Fig. And Ozyorsk was built right on its shores.Warning of radioactive contamination, Eastern Urals State Reserve, 1966. [2] This illustrates the difficulty of reporting of nuclear accidents across countries and governments.

[3] Most of the information about the accident came from the original Soviet repost to the IAEA. The authorities did not even bother informing the locals of the reason for the gradual evacuation from these villages over the next two years of only 11,000 people.

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