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After some investigating, Section 9 uncovers a major espionage plot, and it's up to them to prevent a major international incident.Section 9's next case is a rash of mass-kidnappings. Batou goes to Motoko's apartment, even though he's sure its under surveillance. Section 9 arrives to defuse the bomb and determine its precise origins.After being ambushed by Kuze's followers at a false location, Section 9 is alerted to his true location, and his intentions of purchasing nuclear materials from the Russian mafia.The Cabinet Intelligence Service and Gohda are involved behind the scenes.Across Japan, a number of old JRL type Androids (called "Jeris") are destroying themselves. And a mysterious and creepy man known as Gohda arrives to tell Section 9 how to handle it.The CIA arrives in Japan with a request to help them hunt down a serial killer. It seems a little girl just received a heart transplant, but the donor's family doesn't remember ever agreeing to donate the heart. They've been called in to rescue a high-ranking government official from a hostage situation. The killer, a former CIA operative, has recently gone rogue and has turned up in Japan. When the refugees' connection to Kuze is cut off, one shot begins a bloody war.Motoko is about to be fitted for her new prosthetic body. Meanwhile, the road to Nanao=A hits a dead end.

Watch for FREE. But when the doctor arrives and begins the procedure, it's clear that she has no intent of letting Motoko out alive.

But when the Armed Suit shows up, things start to go badly.Togusa has been released from jail. Aramaki sympathizes, but says there's nothing he can do legally. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. Am Ende steht dabei die elementare Frage, was das menschliche Dasein eigentlich ausmacht, wo es anfängt und wo es aufhört. When the virus does hit, Motoko and Paz have to act fast to save the intended victim.

Worried, the Major calls Batou to a meeting; the Tachikomas, having suspicions of their own, attempt to eavesdrop on their conversation. It meets a little girl, Miki, who is searching for her lost dog and it agrees to help her. Still, it's just too perfect. Watch. Now, Togusa only has an envelope full of seemingly random photos to go on--can he put the pieces of the puzzle together?While on a stakeout of a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Section 9 finds out that someone is pulling strings and feeding misinformation to the Public Safety Sections.Saito recounts his first run-in with the Major, and how he became part of the group that would eventually become Section 9.The Major heads to Taiwan to investigate a lead on Kuze, and ends up getting involved with local gangs and a troublesome kid.The Prime Minister is alerted to the existence of "hub cyberbrains," while Ishikawa returns from the peninsula to report on what he found out about Kuze's past.While field testing new recruits, the Major finds herself hacked, and an old woman tells her a story from her past.Watch more Ghost in the Shell on [adult swim].One of the Tachikomas decides to take a little stroll through the city.

Section 9 is called in to stop it, as the Self Defense Force will not get involved. What she discovers is a spirited debate among the self-proclaimed "fans" of the Laughing Man, but very little hard evidence.This episode focuses on the life of a refugee living in Japan. Everyone is in an uproar over his return.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ist eine Animeserie über die Arbeit der Section 9, welche sich im Jahr 2030 um Cyberverbrechen kümmert. Section 9 is called in to investigate this mass "robot suicide" because of a potential link to another, more dangerous case.

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