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Maybe you're right. Maybe one that understands reality better.People only fall for this because we are woefully underedcuated about free markets and economics in general.

St. Peter don't call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store. Please go. Welcome monopoly, and then lack of incomes for people. Even Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. realized later on that skin color doesn't matter when it comes to the evil or advantage takers. In theory, just like communism, free markets work. And if you had a company and a son what exactly would you do? "Socialism-Communism-Progressive or Collectivism is inherently Corrupt because it FORCES inherently corrupt people in between my trading with you. The owner's son does nothing and gets paid a lot, ...blah blah blah. The Oppenheimer family understands that there is a sucker born every second. Just like most of the cartels do...keep in mind the monopoly was broken up around 2000...Monopoly is always the goal for any business, De Beers isnt the only monopoly in the world sadly.You are very wrong, the only time a monopoly can exist is WHEN there are restrictions. Free market is misleading. The present power balance makes it virtually impossible for a company to find success independently of a few giant corporations.If you think diamonds are a scam, which I always did since you can't eat them, then DON'T BUY THEM! If we're going to use 'money' to gauge society, then everyone should have the right to a job that allows them a good livable wage (minimum is not liveable).The old Standard Oil was not a "free market" problem. This was done for thirty years after there had been conclusive published scientific evidence that hydrogenized food products had potentially unlimited adverse health effects. RBE is nothing but communism repackaged? Govt is the only entity which Rockefeller could buy to allow all that to happen. This is a truth that history tells us in America. That is the power of propaganda and selfishness. That is the point of the free market, if you can do it better, why don't you?$5000 worth of diamonds cost them what? How did the alcohol ban pass congress? We see what the western elites do to their own. You believe that regulation is futile, as you have intense faith in free markets.If I offer you a job, the only way you will accept it is if it benefits YOU more then ANY of your alternatives as judged by YOU. The same way so many things do: Bribes and/or campaign funding. Mom and pop are out of business because they can't compete with such tactics and your "free" market falls apart. Only the governments of the world can maintain monopolies and cartels. @Truffi: I see your propagandists have you. i.e minimum cost input, maximum profit output. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox.These days? Free market my left nut. True Capitalism is merely the ability to freely trade among ourselves without the interference of anyone, especially govt.It is the propagandists that desire for you to think as you do; to keep us fighting among our selves while the evil elite of all colors and levels get away with what they do.You should sign up for our newsletter. He even got to start collecting salary six months before he lifted a finger to work. Clearly they don't care about the law, right or wrong, just their power.The comments have bogus excuses. When no one buys, the price will drop.

Second only to Christmas, Valentine's Day is the holiday when diamonds are most often given as the ultimate token of love. You are free to go. There is no shortage of these examples.Well the most obvious way to get in on the diamond racket is to go to a war torn country like liberia or congo where de beers doesn't control every mine. But it's only a myth--diamonds are found in plentiful supply.Here is a suggestion to all those who complain about a company they work for or know of: Start your own. Wal-mart enters a new town. Guaranteed there are independent stores which don't. The problem is the new kimberely process makes it very difficult and legally impossible to transport any diamond that does not come from a country where de beers already controls all of the mines (canada, usa, south africa, most of europe, and southern africa).Nice video...looks like someone set up an old video camera in front of the TV. "Sixteen tons and what you get? Kick your son to the gutter and pay some snot you don't care about a lot just because he thinks he is worth a lot even though he can be replaced tomorrow? This racket goes back to imperial Britain! I have never purchased one unless a saw blade had some industrial diamond. Free markets can only work when everyone has all the information to make informed decision and the desire to dominate all is out of the picture. Under central planning I cannot compete with their friends. At the center of that myth is an illusion, that diamonds are valuable because they are rare. If a company can make and sell a product cheaply it will; regardless of any possible negative health consequences on the consuming public. Well being for all people on earth. Look at the tactics used by Standard Oil to squeeze out their competition in a free market.

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