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The actual scrub part of the lip scrub is coffee grounds, which I think is really interesting as I have only ever really come across sugar lip scrubs before. They all, of course, come with their own delicious scent.When I was at school EOS lip balms were like the ‘it’ thing. Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips With These 25 DIY Lip Scrubs Meaghan Pachay. Mix all ingredients until perfectly blended, then store in a container. To make it, you need brown sugar, olive oil, raw honey, and cinnamon powder. Mix coconut oil, sugar, vitamin E, and cotton candy favor into a bowl then stir until blend well. This lightweight, non-greasy stick is packed with apricot seed scrubbers to gently exfoliate while nourishing lips, letting you scrub with the ultimate love. The creator of the recipe also suggest trying the recipe with other dried fruits like cherries, or even using combinations of a couple.Both the scrub and lip balm recipes are made from totally natural ingredients. 2 tbsp granulated white sugar. It looks great in little glass containers too!This mixture will plump your lips naturally for a soft and sexy pout.This is both a nourishing and cleansing scrub that will leave your lips moist and very soft. Optional: A few drops of vitamin E and/or essential oils. The strawberry seeds make it even more exfoliating, so give it a try.

Mix until it becomes a paste, then store in a container. Highlighted Ingredients: - Black Charcoal: Detoxifies. If omitting lemon juice, no refrigeration is necessary, but use within 1 month.

What’s not to like about that?A great treat and even better gift to hand out during the cold season!The yogurt in this recipe will nourish and soften your lips while the salt gently scrubs away dead skin. The peppermint will make your lips tingle and wake them right up.Shea butter is thick and luscious, making it great for long hours in the cold or dry air. - Shea Butter: Moisturizes. However, because the skin on the lips is permeable, it’s better to avoid the harsh/artificial chemicals in conventional scrubs.This tangy scrub will wake you up, lips first! They have mixed both colors and scents which makes it great for someone as indecisive as me.I am a big fan of Burt’s Bees as a brand in general, but their lip balms really are something special.My lip balm making days go way back when my friends and I used to sneakily take petroleum jelly from my mum’s bathroom cabinet, thinking she wouldn’t notice, and add colorings and edible glitter from the baking cupboard. This cute bubble gum lip exfoliator is really easy to make.

Besides walnut butter, you can also use olive oil.I’m a wife, mother and everything else associated with domestic life. Natural Lip Scrub This is technically a lip scrub as opposed to a lip balm, but it looked too good to leave it out. Coconut oil is also pretty inexpensive and … Meet the only scrub that’ll treat you right. Keeps in the fridge for up to a week.Here are some simple DIY lip scrub recipes! Wash with lukewarm water. It can last for a weekThis lip exfoliator is made from green tea, white sugar, olive oil, and honey. You can mix it with jojoba oil or olive oil until it becomes a paste, then store it in a container. You can dress it up with different extracts or spices to your taste. Vitamin E is a natural preservative, so a drop or 2 will make your scrubby lipstick last longer.. Fun fact: Elf’s Lip Exfoliator contains tocopherol, a component of vitamin E.
Honey also contains anti-inflammatory elements, so you will be doing your skin a favor by using it.Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox.
You can even use them as a lip balm by tapping them on your lips instead of scrubbing.This blend is salty and satisfying. All you need is to mix coconut oil and coconut sugar. All the ingredients are totally natural and are bound to leave you with the softest lips. To make it look more attractive, you can also add purple food coloring.Brown sugar and peppermint can be a unique blend. Use lip scrub at least three times a week for the best results.This sugar berry lip scrub is super tasty and fragrant.

When you’re done rubbing it in, you might even want to lick it right off!Homemade lip scrubs can be used every day, but it’s best to use them no more than twice a week to give your lips a chance to heal.Kiwi fruit is a great natural exfoliant thanks to its little black seeds.

For fun, I filmed how I made this DIY lip scrub … This drugstore lip scrub is super cheap, but its formula is ridiculously impressive. Store in the fridge for about 5 days.Cracked lips are an all too common problem, it’s no wonder that lip scrubs fly off the shelves in the fall and winter. Keep refrigerated for up to a week. After leaving it for two hours, mix it with other ingredients such as vitamin E oil, mango butter, and sweet orange essential oil. Finally, add peppermint extract to add flavor.That’s some DIY lip scrub recipe that you can try at home. Regular exfoliation with a DIY lip scrub helps keep lips soft. Stir until it becomes a paste, then store in a container.Tangerine and brown sugar are mixtures that are worth a try. These ingredients usually appear in a 1-1 ratio with a few drops of an extract or essential oil to give it a lovely odor and taste.This concoction is perfect for delicate, sensitive skin. Full of mood-elevating seasonal scents and a two-minute formulation, this gingerbread lip scrub DIY makes a nice Christmas gift for loved ones.
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