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In this case, we are opening the file in explorer and resolving the conflicts.There is also a Git Client wherein the developers can work on the repository offline on their local machines using git commands from the command prompt or git bash, make changes and push it back to the remote repository on GitHub.All the changes committed to branches in the local repository can be merged and pushed to the remote repository to be in sync.Fix all of the conflicts by retaining the appropriate content and removing the others with markers. I’ll definitely show you how to get started using the GitHub website. This means that you can do whatever you want to do on that branch until you decide it’s time to merge it.It’s also pretty simple to create a branch named “new_feature” in your terminal and switch to it withWhen you save a change, that’s called a commit. Using GitHub desktop, we can also create a new local repository and push or publish the same to GitHub.Select the feature branch to look at the changes. You’re bringing new files and changes to Git’s attention.Need help remembering what command you’re supposed to run? Once the conflicts are resolved, you can commit the merge.Make changes to the files and save the same.Make a change to a file in the feature branch and commit the same.Now push the changes back to the remote repository. Using GitHub desktop, we can also create a new local repository and push or publish the same to GitHub.Select the feature branch to look at the changes. Click “Confirm merge,” then delete the branch after your branch has been incorporated with the “Delete branch” button in the purple box.I’m thinking you probably have some files that you want to put in your new repository. GitHub Docs. We've only scratched the surface of all the things you can do with GitHub and GitHub Desktop. We’ll discuss that too.To commit the changes, you will start the process by runningYou can switch back to to the master branch withIt’s totally easy to get started with Git. The local and remote repository is now in sync. Creating your first repository using GitHub Desktop Step 1. However, you might not be satisfied with only this option.You’re committing the changes to the HEAD, but not to the remote repository. You can start working on your projects immediately!You can see one person’s commits withYou’ll make your changes and then delete the branch when you’re done withThere are two ways to make changes to your project. The tutorial is available as long as you don't have any repositories on GitHub Desktop yet.Now that you've configured a default editor, you're ready to make changes to your project and start crafting the first commit of your own to your repository.You'll see a "Let's get started!" view, where you can choose to create and clone a tutorial repository, clone an existing repository, create a new repository, or add an existing repository.Currently, your repository only exists on your computer, and you're the only one who can access the repository.

You can do this exact same thing with brand new files and with files that are already in there but have some changes. Supported version: 0.5.9 # Starting Point. Open github desktop and sign in. Changes in the remote repository should also be in sync with the local repository.Now the local repository would be in sync with the remote repository.In the screen that comes up, you can open the file in your editor and resolve the conflicts. GitHub integration is provided through the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension. Get GitHub Desktop set up to manage your project work. You can upload files, edit files, and so on right from your repository on the GitHub website. You can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and searching for the word “terminal.” )After you make some changes and decide you like them, you open a pull request.

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