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All local branch seneschals must be acceptable to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown. The Crown may even designate a person of Their choosing to this role (ie: the Royal Chamberlain).Combined Might of the Seneschals of LochacAlso, for larger events, consider hiring an EFTPOS machine (check with group financial policy). Lochac Procedures Manual – All officers should read this! This information can be found in the Society and Kingdom Laws and Policy page from the Clerk of Law website. Information was compiled from the Governing Documents of the SCA, Kingdom Law … Northshield Seneschal’s Handbook 5 Other Material of Interest • Appendix A—Precedence of law Key points: o Modern law is always superior to SCA laws or rules o Groups are permitted to construct charter (operating guidelines, etc.) I have seen some budgets that claim that this group regularly gets 80+ people to an event, which that group does but it doesn’t look at the fact that regularly 25+ of those people are children and this drastically impacts on the amount of money that will be available to the event.As a bare minimum, you should have an idea about the following:Financial- what is available to the Reeves and Seneschals is not good enough for Stewards and does not give them a handle on what they must do. Recent News.

Copyright 2020 East Kingdom, Society for Creative Anachronism. Seneschal Resources. If you take all this on board, and are seeking more, there are other resources around (listed at the end, some of them I’ve even drawn from for this document), or ask someone who has run events in the past.Don’t forget you’ll need a place for all your guests to park their vehicles.

The Seneschal’s Handbook has been reviewed to ensure that it reflects the interests and goals of Ansteorra and does not conflict with either Kingdom Law or Corpora. For small or remote groups that wish to encourage a Crown attendance to a (relatively) big event, your chances of success will be increased by inviting the Crown with plenty of notice and offering money to assist with their travel.If the Crown is travelling a fair distance, the local group may wish to offer funds to help the Crown travel. December 5, 2019 | SCA Team. From the Society Seneschals Handbook: XXIV. In addition, the Kingdom Seneschals' Handbook should be read by all branch Seneschals. Making sure that when the budget is done it is not based on all the attendees being adults and all paying at the highest pay rate. It is intended as a guide for people who have not run an event, at a local level, and wish to get some idea of what to consider when working on an event for the first time. The Board of Directors has removed the 2013 Marijuana Policy Interpretation from the Seneschal’s handbook.

Eg, If your base event fee is $25, make sure you have plenty of $5 and $10 notes in the float to allow you to give change for people that give you $40. July 6, 2020 Contribute to our next Quest Article Now! Talking to a Reeve might be a great idea for this section, but off the top of my head, receipts should be readable, scanned in and sent to the local Reeve in a timely fashion and preferably should only include items you are seeking reimbursement for – ie; if you need to buy cinnamon for the Baronial feast, don’t get it on your weekly shopping trip on the same receipt.Covers quite a few things. Society Library. Name Description Version Last Modified; Name Description Version Last Modified; Article - Hosting Crown » S18MK- Host Crown.pdf; File Options; Download; Description; Preview; Other Versions; Goto Post; How to host a crown Tourney or Coronation . Seneschal’s Handbook Update – 2013 Marijuana Policy Interpretation. Check the kitchen facilities – get the cook to review them and confirm he/she is happy to use the kitchen.

EK Seneschal's Policy EK Financial Policy the SCA Governing Documents Links to these documents are on this page. Please note: this document is not intended to be the Gospel of Event Stewarding. These eventsinclude this happening in your report, so write down what happened after the situation has concluded. A. Experiencing issues with the website? SOCIETY SENESCHAL POLICIES & INTERPRETATIONS 4.

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