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I am willing to wait however long to see my novel in brick-and-mortar stores, but I would prefer to see it listed on Amazon and other websites within a few days to a few weeks, seeing as that is what KDP promises.I published my first book on Amazon two months back, have nearly finished the second, and the cover art is giving me a bit of an issue. At the hearing, I declared that I had an unpublished manuscript and the judge had to say whether or not any royalties would go toward our debts. What are your thoughts on this? I don't know if this question is asked before but I'm open to some of your thoughts around it and how the overall working of a Kindle business. We give 15% a month to people in need.The worst thing that happened as far as meeting with stigma was when the priest who I'd worked for and who had supported my writing, passed away this last spring. Backstory, while it might make you feel like you are writing a literary something, is not what this genre is about.

But I'm an empathic person and I guess I have to accept that's how I roll. log in sign up. I'd been invited to sing at his funeral and then was UNinvited because of the books I wrote.

:)How did you go about self publishing your book and marketing yourself?How much time did the actually process take?Back when I promoted Fixed on You, blog tours were the way to get noticed. I asked her to share her story of self-publishing romance novels with us today. Self-publishing has come a long way in the past decade.

BUT obviously teens are going through major hormonal changes and many have their first loves in high school.

Facebook Group. I personally think that its good to diversify. So you need a set-up, an attraction, a dilemma, then a solving of the dilemma. Fonts are strong and have some representation in them of the theme. Niche it up.

Self publishing romance fiction? Find more subreddits like r/selfpublishing -- A place to discuss just about everything in the world of indie books. What is your business? I reached out to bloggers and readers and asked them to read and review. Do you want someone to help you put together your final product? Website [Fansite]() Coming Soon! Then, I did a $.99 bundle of my trilogy at a time when there weren't many authors doing that.

Fixed on You came out of reading another book and I thought, "What if a controlling billionaire met a woman who didn't run from it like most of the heroines do in those books? I can create a PDF and send it to them, but I have concerns about how safe my PDF will be (i.e., if I send them an non-digital rights management protected copy, it could easily get out and then be piratedHas anyone else encountered this kind of this and do you have any thoughts on this? And could amazon be the right platform to publish romance on or even other ones might be a better alternative?Have you heard about the FB group 20booksto50k?, For Indie Publishing Authors.Hello!

I tend to get really involved with the main character, so when I'm writing a broody heroine, for example, I can get really depressed and that effects writing time.Why did you decide to go down the self-publishing route?In 2014 I was listed in People Magazine as a Reader's Choice Top Ten book of the year for the Fixed Trilogy, and was the only self published book in the ten top selling books on Amazon for 2014. Feel free to ask me questions about my inspiration, background, publishing experience.I do "live" through my books. I'd prefer a little longer for some of my stories that require research and deeper emotional layering.

I prefer to wake up and do a little business and then get the writing out of the way. It may be better to stick with something lighter about feelings and emotions than to wade in with heavy unsavory problems.Not that your book cover needs to be particularly good, but it must have a striking cover to compete. Six tips on how the best self-published romance writers make it work. I've received my first royalty payment okay, but this was only for a few initial sales sold via the Australian marketplace.

Self publishing romance fiction?

You don’t have to include a romance to keep a teen interested in your book.

It was much better when I was able to write fulltime, but then there were other obstacles, such as, running a business.The best thing I've noticed recently is to have a book available for free so that readers can try me out before buying anything. It's not so easy to do that these days, and I'd recommend having strong sales before going to $.99, otherwise you'll be lost in a crowd of cheap books.I write with an outline now. A gore fest it definitely is not, and only one scene could be described as a bit full on. 25. It should be all about the ideas of falling in love and dating, and why the characters may have to overcome some things to get there.There has to be a reason why they can’t be together after they have hooked up. I'm still growing now. Thoughts?

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