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";s:4:"text";s:5378:"A few times it has unraveled but overall a great easy knot. It appears to be used to tie a leader to your terminal tackle. The articles I’ve read about these knots seem to indicate these knots only work when going from lighter braid to heavier mono?And I’ll continually update this “best fishing knot” post as more and more knots are tested so that you can have the latest and greatest data.I sent an email to your site. It also now goes by the names San Diego Knot, Reverse Clinch Knot and Heiliger Knot. May just have to respool with power proWhat about the TN Knot in mono connection to metal ring or hook?Could you please send me a video or diagram of the knotless knot you described? The nail knot splice for line to line (nail knot leader to main line and mainline to leader). Of course, the tests I did on fluoro were using the same knots I tested on mono. Just looked at a video showing how to tie, and it appears to be solid knot (just may be tough with monofilament line given the sharp turns needed in first setup of the knot).Check out the stren knot for braid-to-mono/fluoro.Fluorocarbon is the most commonly used monofilament leader these days since it’s known for being less visible in the water while also being more resistant to abrasions, so this analysis is focused on connecting a braided line to a fluorocarbon leader.The tests have been done using 10 to 20 lb PowerPro tied to 20 to 30 lb Ande and Seaguar fluorocarbon.I suggest one more knot to test (Double Zeppelin Bend) for line-to-line connection of similar diameters, then I’ll stop. You would be pulling on the line slowly to accomplish this… thus the braid knot needs to pass the slow pull pressure requirements of full mono strength. Is this true? (Equal pound test or the braid been heavier than the leader).My theory is increased constriction on the backbone (main or standing line) by the coils causes it to narrow the circumference and thus weaken it so it is what gives first.for mono to hook, do you think palomar reigns supreme over snelling?The key to the quick field changes of lures works this way. And then a “dropper loop knot” tied next with the surgeon’s knot placed in the middle to form the T.I don’t see that you have a braid to braid knot?I did see the line break outside of knots in several tests. At one time not particularly well known outside of the sport fishing capital of San Diego this knot is an excellent choice for all line types: mono, fluorocarbon and braided. All statements are simply “assumptions”…What about the double palomar knot “snug” with mono? Given how similar it is to a Uni, my assumption is that its strength would be similar to the Uni.Where does the blood knot fit into your test? However, the problem is that Berkley changed the formula with it’s new BBG line (the line available in stores now) and it’s tensile psi appears to be lower, making it too soft to consistantly attain +100% knots… it’ll often cut before breaking. But that’s on my list of experiments to conduct.If going for pure strength, I believe that the snell knot is extremely tough to beat because it does the best at spreading the tension load while also getting friction assistance from a larger surface of the hook.But then I watched this video where he tieing what he calls the “T Knot” for creating paternoster droppers;The knots are common knots. You are correct in that I have not yet tested the Red Phillips knot. The larger the difference in their diameter, the better the braid can dig into the leader and lock into place. In your quest for tying a +100% knot, you must find how to tie this block of mono… and hopefully, repeatedly.Thanks so much for leaving the nice comment. And it is cinch only, not a loop or anything I’d try using to tie line to line….I don’t have pictures, I’ll try to describe it.Have you ever tested if there are different breaking strengths/reliability when tying different types of snell knots? I trust it on weightless worms to pull in any bass. If I’m tying 40 – 80# braid for Gulf fishing, I might make 8 turns around the leader instead of the 11 I use for 10-30# braid.For tests that I’ve done for my personal use, I focused on Fluorocarbon line, which is a specific type of mono.line doubling knots : aussie plait or australian braidI would like to see a strength and durability comparison between the FG knot and the Modified FG knot .So it’s essential for us to select the absolute best fishing knot for each connection to get the most overall line strength.Best of all, the individual fishing knots will be ranked based on their strength & performance results for the following knot connection categories:But the downside is that loop knots are not as strong as snug knots, so that needs to be taken into account when selecting your leader line size and when setting drag.I totally agree with you on the fact that 100% knots are not essential for catching big fish because a properly set drag should make sure that the line never breaks when fighting a fish due to direct pulling strength (unless of course the angler has to apply more force to keep a fish out of structure).I’ll be sure to give the Jimmy Houston knot a try next chance I get. 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