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“If I said we felt it was just another record I would be lying,” Lars Ulrich admitted. “But a producer isnʼt meant to make you sound like him, heʼs meant to make you sound like the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.”But had fans spent less time whining about the quartet’s haircuts and guyliner, they’d have realised that the likes of The Outlaw Torn, Bleeding Me, Until It Sleeps and Hero Of The Day were stone cold classics.

The best thing one can say about St. Anger – and it’s a point the band themselves make – is that, without it, Metallica would no longer exist.In conversation with this writer, Lars Ulrich – far and away Metallica’s biggest fan and most loyal champion – once admitted that even he couldn’t remember some of the songs on Reload. Each of the four musicians now sported short hair, and were photographed sporting eyeliner, tailored shirts and, in Lars’s case, a fur coat Elton John might have deemed ostentatious.  Remember that scene in Some Kind Of Monster where Torben Ulrich tells his utterly crestfallen son, “I would say… delete that”? List of the best Metallica albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. England and Wales company registration number 2008885.Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. The emergence of the turgid and overlong Lords Of Summer in 2014 didn’t do much to cultivate optimism, either. Gone was the lukewarm tone of St. Anger – where Hetfield had sounded messy and unfocused – replaced instead by impassioned, driven vocals. – and elsewhere the likes of Atlas, Rise! Upon its release, St. Anger received rave notices; it was only later that cold critical analysis was applied and the band’s eighth album was met with frothing hatred. Everyone is familiar with the hugely difficult circumstances in which St. Anger was made, and while it’s hard not to sympathise with the band’s confusion and uncertainty at the time, it also beggars belief that the most astute and forward-thinking metal band in history considered this a collection worthy of their name. The Memory Remains is one hell of a tune though.It’s the album many Metallica fans still love to hate. But there’s also far too much filler. It’s not for everyone, assuredly, but this is the most unfairly maligned album in Metallica’s catalogue and one of the most fearless works in rock history.The phenomenon. This Metallica discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Metallica albums can be found at the top of the list. The top ranked albums by Metallica are Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning and Metallica.

Kirk Hammett was allowed back out to solo again – and though he may not have quite won his detractors round, his wailing gave the album an intense, improvisational feel. Crucially, it sounds like Metallica believe in these songs, and are invested in them, which can’t be said for everything on its predecessor. With Load front-loaded with the better songs, Reload picked up the slack from the writing sessions, and understandably suffers as a consequence. What's even more astonishing is that one of the most revered, inspirational and influential metal albums of all time never even broke into the UK Top 40 in 1986, peaking at number 41 in the national album chart in a year when Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi scored Top 10 releases. Pounding Out Aggression, Turns Into Obsession (Analysis): The turning point in Metallica’s career came by way of their fourth studio album.

While a few superb riffs were scattered here and there, Here Comes Revenge was the best of a patchy bunch – the less said about plodding, forgettable Lemmy tribute Murder One the better. The fact that the band had altered their iconic logo served notice of a wholesale image overhaul. That noted, it is, let’s be honest, a dog of an album. writer and longtime band champion Don Kaye’s assessment that Lulu is “a catastrophic failure on almost every level, a project that could quite possibly do irreparable harm to Metallica’s career” wasn’t even the harshest review it received – but stood boldly by it nonetheless. 2 x 4 and Ronnie are still balls, though.For some, the adoption of those 70s rock tropes (and indeed a pronounced country influence on the ballad Mama Said) was regarded as a betrayal of the band’s heavy metal roots: more alarming still was the imagery which accompanied the release. Strange to think now that there was outrage in some quarters when they introduced acoustic guitars to the audience at Hammersmith Odeon on the Lightning tour. It wasn’t just that they had so much to prove to themselves as a unit following the untimely and tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton. That there’s no real ‘point’ to Garage, Inc. is part of the appeal: this is the sound of four musicians kicking out the jams purely for fun, and as such, for all that it’s indulgent, it’s a hard album to dislike – though as its position here shows, it's also a record which failed to make much of a lasting impact on fans. Though if their audience and critics were still clinging to the past, Metallica were marching purposefully forward to the beat of their own drum (toms and double bass drums, mostly), setting the spark to the flame of a genuine musical revolution.But Lulu isn’t without merit, with the likes of Pumping Blood and Junior Dad boasting riffs that could crush mountains. They responded as every headbanger feared they would: they squandered it. Heavily based on The $5.98 E.P.

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