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Midsummer is still the biggest celebration of the year in Estonia and it’s still commonly celebrated the same way as in ancient times – with family and friends around bonfires in the countryside. These two lovers see each other only once a year and exchange the briefest of kisses on the shortest night of the year. Photo by Jörg Rittmeister, shared under the CC BY-SA 3.0 licence. Ask a question Recent Conversations. I saw several articles about midsummer in the international media today that got some of these basic facts wrong.Still today, people in Britain gather at Stonehenge, the ancient monument built in alignment with the solstice, to celebrate midsummer.

Yes, people as far as Britain also once enjoyed the occasion with a good sauna and a few good ales.Wherever you are in the world, we hope you have a great midsummer night on 23 June.

The holiday has roots in the pagan calendar as this is the time when nights start getting longer again.

All forums . Every year locals try to escape from the cities and get intact with nature on the shortest night of the year. Why do many countries set the clocks back and forth an hour twice a year?Midsummer Day is a public holiday. For us, Estonians, Midsummer is pretty important. And a wonderful #Midsummer Day #24june !

SCAM!!!! Brits also historically used to celebrate on 23 to 24 June according to records as far back as the 14th century, although modern celebrations take place on 21 June as the day now most commonly aligned with the solstice.That’s not a big deal though, as long as we roughly get it right and know when to come together at the same time.The solstice was originally celebrated as a Pagan festival across Europe, but it was later merged with the Christian festival of St John’s Day and so fixed to 24 June. This year’s celebrations will be smaller than usual due to the pandemic with no public events taking place, but we will still meet with family and friends — and enjoy a good sauna.There are actually about 1,000 ancient circles across Britain and evidence of sauna-style bathing has been found at other sites too.And, believe it or not, the oldest sauna ever discovered was built very close to Stonehenge where those celebrations took place, just further along the river at Marden Henge. Archaeologists found a 3,500 year old building that had a large fire pit in the centre and seats around the side, yet the only evidence of burning material was found in a separate firepit along with fragments of stones heated to high temperatures.

It’s most widely celebrated in Scandinavia and in the Baltic states. Get answers to your questions about Estonia . Cheap beer in Tallinn? Read our community guidelines. Jaanipäev (St John's Day in English) and Jaaniõhtu, also Jaanilaupäev (St John's Eve in English) are the most important days in the Estonian calendar, apart from Christmas.The short summer seasons with long days and brief nights hold special significance for the people of Estonia.

Why are there 12 months? However, the tradition of village parties featuring bands playing around massive bonfires hasn't gone anywhere, proving to be the highlight event in many rural towns and villages. Estonia forums . Estonia Midsummer Roadtrip in Estonia and Latvia | Pärnu and Sigulda | Travel in 2020 This is my first attempt at creating a travel vlog, so please excuse my several … Estonia for Tourists? Preview. Your message. Since 1919, Midsummer celebrations have coincided with those of Victory Day, when Estonian forces defeated German troops on June 23rd in the War of Independence.Estonia's nature is sparse and changing, with every coming season exposing a new magical side.These islands are quiet places for hiking, camping and enjoying seafood delicacies this summer.Today, Midsummer is a national holiday giving city folks an opportunity to take a break in the countryside.

Is midnight 12 am or 12 pm?The 12 months of the year are linked to the Moon's orbit around Earth. Reply to: Midsummer's Eve 2020. During the later Soviet occupation, midsummer celebrations continued and therefore it grew in significance as a celebration not just of our own culture, but also our independence that would eventually be restored.As you can see from Estonia’s midsummer celebrations though, people in this part of the world have managed to hold onto a significant part of their prehistoric cultural traditions against the tides of history.

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