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Feet kicking all over the place and flailing and jerking up and down, left to rigth, his chest heaving in and out trying to catch a breath of air, which ain’t ever gonna happen, as he begins to dance the dance for 4 minutes, he twirls, whirls, spins and leaps, until finally his air runs out and he becomes dead as an old cold stinky turd! Then saw him exit from the front door to the Presidential limo waiting outside, the Limo was driven by a white supremest Trump supporter. 2,395 Elijah Cummings stock pictures and images. Who would live in that rat invested town anyway… Questions people ask.nothing to see here folks just a little clean-up , the evidence from all the “SIDE-DEALS”that he and his partner in crime have “RAT-HOLED” .AND of course, the safe,jewels and of course,all the ill-gotten goodies given for favors done in congress..Great!!! Elijah Cummings' wife posts surveillance photos of Baltimore home burglary suspect in an attempt to 'crowd source' the logo on his hat. That is the very best I have to say about this slimy no good nigger, except bye, bye blackie.That’s an understatement…THERE are not any coincidences. It’s time for him to go and then just maybe his wife the thief can be charged with the crimes she has done.I agree, how ironic his house just now is burglarizedI wonder another Smollet story?HA, HA,HA….Now they need to ROB him of his JOB too and give it to “Somebody WORTHY”…..!!!! Observe all these loving comments. !I’m so glad they robbed him ,now he feels what other have while he is sitting his fat ass in congress doing nothing but talking shit while his own people keep struggling in poberty.“Members and staff should always remain vigilant of their surroundings and immediately report anything unusual or suspicious to the relevant law enforcement or police entity,” wrote Irving. GODDAMNED TRAITOR! Now Cummings knows how it feels to be robbed…the same way I feel robbed paying ridiculous taxes that go nowhere…except perhaps in the pockets of corrupt politicians like him!!!!! she ,and Obama colluded with Russia, and got millions from the 20% uranium deal, she’s an alcoholic, drug addict, can’t walk, can’t talk, and pedophile Billy boy had to talk for her, we voted for a non politician that is not stealing, and wasting our tax money, you wanted them to be our president, what a stupid retarded idiot you are, you have shit for brains.

I find this thing very suspicious. I will never get out of this world alive. Remember when the DNC broke into their own headquarters??? “I also recommend a notification to the USCP [U.S. Capitol Police] or my office so that we may coordinate any review with the relevant law enforcement agency.”Congressional security officials are investigating whether the break-in was a random crime or if there is a threat “nexus” tied to Cummings due to Trump’s comments. Forget the regular channels because all you will see is fake news, filthy shows, hate talk shows, just get rid of them too. Do not take sides with anyone. Good Boy! If Cummings will say that the president “arranged” the break in to prove how bad the neighborhood is the democrats will jump on the wagon. President Trump is hosting inner city pastors at the White House Monday to try and solve this problem, not just in Baltimore, but Democrat run cities around the country.Seriously, Lady: PA Dem Who AG Barr Laughed at During Clown Show Hearing Took a Racial Swipe at HimUh Oh: Sheriff Refuses to Respond to Library's 911 CallsDon't take it from President Trump that parts of Baltimore are a total dump. Cummings is first to jump like rats jumping off a sinking ship which is the radical race baiters.More likely a “CLEANUP” of incriminating documents & loose cash that he (& his criminal wife) had laying around.Naw what really happened was Cummings got some boys from the hood to rob his place and take out all the files on his wife’s ‘charity’. Just imagine if there was something worse than a home broken into.

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