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We think it would look lovely on you as it enhances your evening wear, so wear it with pride to a cocktail or to the theatre.

It will depend on the clarity of the stone and which type of quartz you are using.

The color of Rose Quartz ranges from very light pink to medium-dark Pink. Gift it to a loved one just to say “I love you”.It has been in existence since the beginning of civilization.
Microscopic Mineral Inclusions give cloudy translucence to this stone.

About Rose Quartz The unique soft pink color of rose quartz gems is thought to derive from tiny traces of titanium impurities. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort, We believe that is could garner you many compliments!Each pendant has the beauty and dependability of all Raw Carat creations that never goes out of season. It makes the partners and friends more loving and helps in getting favors from superiors. We energize and activate gemstones for best astrological benefits. It enhances fertility in both men and women.

It is also worn for enhancing Beauty and Personality. It has been in existence since the beginning of civilization. The most common types of quartz are clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst [1], and citrine. Rose Quartz acts as anti ageing as it brings love & charm to life. It helps in opening up the heart & encourages love. Rose quartz is usually found in massive form, so well-shaped crystals are highly prized. It …
Rose Quartz beads were unearthed in Mesopotamia in 7000 BC, which makes it over 9000 years in discovery. The Refractive index (RI) range is 1.544 – 1.553 & Specific Gravity (SG) is 2.65.

The ‘Love Stone’! a grade rough stone pendant locket price per carat to the gram quartz crystal cluster points kunzite amethyst cubic zirconia gem MOQ: 1 Bag $16.60-$303.00 /Bag rose quartz, rose quartz 7mm, rose quartz 7mm round, rose quartz 7mm round cut stone, rose quartz 7mm cut stone, rose quartz 7mm faceted cut stone

Unmarried Men and Women should wear it for attracting love of their life and getting a suitable Life Partner. It is used in jewelry & worn for its healing benefits.

People related to Cosmetic and Hospitality industry must wear Rose Quartz to enjoy a smoother professional Life. Its delicate pink color and translucent nature makes this stone very beautiful and desirable.Rose Quartz is Pink variety of Mineral Quartz (SIO2). The Romans used Rose Quartz as a seal to signify ownership and the Egyptians believed that the stone could prevent ageing.
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