A new album, Visioning,  is posted for listening and download in the Living Library HERE .

This is a Live Recording taken from the Visioning Retreat at Yogaville, Buckingham, VA, where a Living the Miracle group envisioned the first directives for the 32 Global Light Centers. Use this music for traveling deep within to get in touch with your own visions of the future ahead and your highest potential.



I’ve also revisited and given a facelift to the album cover of As We Gather,  also found in the Living Library.  It is a live music recording of an event Carol and I facilitated in Falls Church, VA.,  focusing on the propensity of lightwalkers to assemble as living temples, or human configurations, to pull in cosmic energy to the earth dimension, or “bring down the moon”  in the ancient Druid tradition – shifting probabilities and adding to the crystalline grid.

I feel especially resonant to this expression, as it was a small but ancient group that came together for this process. I could feel the age-old relationships of working together to anchor light and higher vibration in the present as well as in the past to create a new, more expansive way of life. This is dedicated to all the Temple-makers throughout time.

For those who do not have a Living Library membership, you can find and listen to samples of this album on CD Baby.

– Mark


Mark Torgeson
Mark Torgeson

Inspired by a fascination for meaning, quality and beauty in life, specifically nature, this journey is a query into the mysteries of consciousness and music: these have been the focus of my sense of wonderment and magic in life. And so the steppings continue...

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